Sunrise In The Evening

Sometimes, the sun rises at night. Well, for me, it’s almost everytime. When the sun sets, I come alive. Not that I particularly like the nightlife, but somehow, when things around me slows down, my mind (and body?) actually starts to function. I wonder why I’m still not a sleeping pill addict; and scientists’ tried-and-tested pre-bedtime rituals (drink warm milk, read something boring, etc) takes too long or gives me diahorrea. But now, I suspect I had discovered the best way of putting myself to sleep… talking about myself.

Err… that’s what sites like these are for right? An unabash celebration of psychological narcissism? Anyway, as I found out, I’m a late bloomer. Tons of friends already have their autobiography in the making online. It’s better late than never, so here’s my daybreak. And it should dawn on friends now that they should check here often as they’ll always be my choice topics and prime cuts. It’s going to be delicious…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. roy_az
    Dec 28, 2004 @ 01:36:11

    NIce sunrise…?… Welcome to LJ…better late than never…


    • celebratelah
      Dec 28, 2004 @ 03:42:29

      Fake sunrise
      Hi Roy… Thanks for the warm welcome :o) It was actually a sunset I took out of my window and doctored it a little. Catch ya around :o)


      • roy_az
        Dec 28, 2004 @ 03:54:05

        Re: Fake sunrise
        Catch me if u can,….hehe…*wink *wink
        Be looking forward for nice posting from u…n more pictures too…

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