Spring Cleaning My Pictures

… as a result of those damned Spywares. My laptop was infected for months now and it seems there’s no way to fully get rid of these pests unless I back-up my files and reformat my hard drive. Being the computer idiot that I am, it’s a process I procrastinate in taking. But well, it’s a gloomy, rainy day today so I’m starting the backup process by organizing My Pictures folder, and boy, what memories forgotten photos bring…

Bendigo, Melbourne, Australia, 2000

Spent a year in Melbourne and managed to get around a bit. Melbourne is beautiful. Looking at these pictures, I long for those care-free days where you’re responsible only for yourself and not others.

Blonde Melbourne

United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco), 1999

This was the most painful trip. On hindsight, this is probably the time where I experience the most acute panic attack, except I don’t know it yet. I remembered feeling terrible when I was at Six Flags and couldn’t go on any rides. Felt like I was just going to die right there in front of the Superman ride. And throughout the whole trip, I feel light-headed and dizzy all the time. Plain lousy.

Europe (England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland), 1997

The most memorable trip of my lifetime (hopefully there’ll be more)… not because of the picturesque buildings and rich history, but the comfort of having my love one sleep on my lap at the back of the bus, in the bitter cold, while we travel across vast expanse of snow white fields admist snow-capped mountains. That warmth…


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  1. yutaka2k
    Dec 28, 2004 @ 08:25:11

    So many months living with you, and I only get to see these beutiful pics now??!!
    Blogging’s really a very powerful tool! Cheers to the inventor!


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