Drunk Night, Tsunami Plight

Audrey and Andy 1Audrey and Andy 2

Still nursing the mistake of last night… 5 glasses of red wine, 2 champagnes, countless beers, vodka tonic, orange, vomit… well, almost. Then again, it was a crazy night that our gracious hosts, Andy and Audrey, had prepared to celebrate post Christmas and getting ready for the new year. But most importantly, it’s a toast to our friendship. There was cuisine-grade food prepared by Audrey and a gift exchange that left us in stitches with the booby prizes.

All that fantastic food, potent drinks and good company meant another day of throbbing headache, dry mouth and a floating disconnectedness with my surroundings. But it’s ok, it was a rainy and cool day, perfect for sleeping in… and my phone beeped.

3 different friends had sent me sms about donation drives to help the victims of the Tsunami. I responded to one and decided to round up my neglected wardrobe and got some friends to chip in to buy some relief neccessities…


Thanks to Chris Yap, Dominic, Victor, Adrian, Yen Min, Kian Jin, Choon Wee, Jansen and Cecilia, for chipping in the purchase of medical supplies (Panadol, cough syrup, lozenges, medicated oil) and foodstuff (baked beans, biscuits, sardines). There were a lot of people coming forth to make the donations and the usually quiet St Michael Road became pretty busy. People came in cars, pick-ups, vans, cabs, and on foot. Families came together, parent and child, boyfriends and girlfriends, the young, the old, the single 😦.

Actually the Sri Lankan buddhist temple where the donation was collected wasn’t that far from my place and it was a nice half an hour’s walk because St Michael Road is very near St George Road. I used to stay at St George Road with my grandmother in my early teens (you can imagine that’s way back) so it was a nice feeling walking around the estate I used to play catching with my cousins at.

Due to the proximity of the 2 roads, a lot of donors were actually confused and got lost. I guess it was because there were 2 versions of the sms that was sent out (I received both). Both had the same content but 1 said send to St Michael Road, while the other said St George. St Mic is the right one. Oh, and I also found out that when making food donations, keep it vegetarian. I wonder if it’s the diet of choice of Sri Lankans or because it was a temple that was collecting the donations. Anyway, they accepted the sardines since I already brought them there. I hope the donations will be able to help in any little way. There may be more appeals for donations in the coming weeks so please do consider seriously to help. Let me know if you have donations to make but don’t have the time to do it. We can work something out so it’s easier for you to contribute :o)

I pray the survivors will be strong and live forward. I still can’t get those heartbreaking images of families being torn apart by the flood and a mother’s call for her dead daughter out of my head…


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  1. nonkie
    Dec 30, 2004 @ 13:16:05

    went to the same temple yest..and it seemed the flow of traffic into the temple never seem to stop..at one point, i was nearly overwhelmed by emotions; it dawned on me that there is still hope and love afterall.


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