blooming 2 0 0 5

New year is a skip and a hop away… no, make that a *hic* and a puke away. Suddenly, ‘resolutions’ became the new swear word. Friends are asking “so, what are your resolutions for 2005?”, it’s like saying, “you fu*ked up pretty badly in 2004, so you better be something you are not”. But that could turn out worse.

Anyway, cliche or not, there’re certain aspects that I would like to change in my lifestyle, career and personality. And hopefully those changes will bloom into something of awesome beauty for myself, my family, and my friends. Turn over a new leaf…

First Bloom : DRINK LESS ALCOHOL. I’ve been reluctant to admit that I drink almost on a daily basis. But, scientific evidence clearly supports 3 beers or 2 glasses of red wine a day to stay healthy and as I was told by a budding doctor, no more than 10 drinks a week validates that theory. Trouble is, 1 night of my drinking hits at least 2 weeks over quota. I think I don’t have a liver anymore. Where’s my stomach? Oh, hello kidneys.

Second Bloom : QUIT SOCIAL SMOKING. When I was well into my early twenties, I hated cigarrettes and nearly qualified as an anti-smoking mascot. And now, 6 years later, I would gladly puff a few sticks when I’m at the clubs, sometimes even socially during the day. Did I mention I’m asthmatic and had recently been experiencing an attack a day? Goodbye lungs, too.

Third Bloom : GET MY BUTT OUT AND STOP PROCRASTINATING. It’s amazing that someone with a small, taut bubble butt like mine sits around so much. It’s always the next minute, there’s tomorrow, you still have time. Always eating the dessert but not the main course. No wonder I’m getting sick. Huh? What’s a brain? Can I drink that? *hic*

There, it’s out. My drinking buddies are probably grasping by now reading this. And their saying goes, “Life is short, celebrate life. Tomorrow will come with or without you.” Well, I think I would like to see a few more tomorrows before the ‘without you’ part. But then, the more I think about not drinking… okay, I’m holding a wine glass while I’m writing this. Fine. I’ll start tomorrow after a few long drag of Malboro Menthol Lights.


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  1. yutaka2k
    Dec 30, 2004 @ 17:40:19

    Your Second Bloom..
    I think by making your housemate quit smoking will be a good idea to stop yourself from “social smoking” with him..
    I’ll help him to quit in order to fulfill your 2nd bloom, since you’ve been a nice housemate to me 🙂


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