Strange Start

… to the new year. I was drifting in and out of sleep peppered by many strange dreams. Actually, it seems like a pretty bad start. First of all, I had red wine spilled on me not once, but twice last night at a birthday cum countdown party. I also fell into a bathtub of ice-water as I was waiting to use the loo. I had about 3 changes of clothes last night. Gosh… Then I got so piss drunk, I had to go home and did not party on with my friends at the clubs. Damn.

And this morning at about 10am, my neighbour from the level below came up to tell me that the ceiling of her bathroom is dripping due to water sippage from mine. She had complained about the problem about 4 months back and we had gotten a renovation tiler to fix it, but seems like that didn’t work. This meant we most likely have to get HDB contractors to hack, waterproof and retile my whole bathroom. Inconvenience + $$$. And the worst part is, being one of the inflexible establishments that permeates the country, we cannot request that the prescribed HDB contractors not retile with the HDB floor tiles, but with tiles that we would buy so that the initial design is still the same. No, I was told, HDB must retile with their tiles. If we want our own tiles, we must pay (on top of the cost of HDB retiling cost) extra. What logic is that? Since they’re going to relay the tiles anyway, it’s just a matter of laying which choice of tiles, so why the additional charge for workmanship? Was I mistaken or did the government encourage us to be more flexible, creative and think out of the box? Perhaps national establishments should practice their own advice first before telling us what to do.

Anyway, my neighbour is an old lady in her 70s? She is unexpectably eloquent, polite and seem pretty sweet. But can’t she wait till tomorrow or something before telling us about her bathroom? I mean, bad start to the first day of the year. Well, after reassuring her that we’ll look into it again, I went back to bed and that’s when the strange dreams started…

In the dream, I was with about 5 friends (can’t remember who they are) and we were going to stay at a HDB flat (dunno for what reason) and as we were standing there waiting for the lift, I saw this ghostly looking girl standing behind my friend about 50m away. I realise almost immediately that I was the only one who saw the girl and not my friends. Spooky. So I avoided eye contact with her and went into the lift and as the door closes, I stole a glance and this time, she was just right outside that closing lift door. Scary.

Don’t know how, but we were in a room and we decided to leave. So we took the lift again and while still on our way down, I realised there were 7 of us. Then 8, then 9, and the lift became really crowded. And this time, my friends saw them too. But the strange thing is, this isn’t a nightmare and I didn’t feel frightened. When we reached the ground floor and got out of the lift with ‘the others’, they were smiling at us and floated rapidly away. Then I saw the girl again. But I ignored her and walked with my friends to this record store. We’re at a place similar to the compound area flanked by OG Chinatown, People’s Park Centre and the People’s Park hawker centre.

Again dunno how, the girl and I started talking. And that’s when I realised she’s actually my cousin Qianling. She told me she had passed away about 2 years ago in Australia. (This is totally untrue coz I saw her during Chinese New Year 2004, but in the dream, I haven’t seen her in a while) We continued to talk briefly then we were in a shop, she was in a luminiscent blue dress and choosing a pair of angel wings to go to a party. I gave her some suggestions, but she didn’t like my selection and stuck to hers. There were something else that went on in the dream sequence but it was a blur and I woke up.

I think my neighbour triggered the dream because she reminds me of those kindly old ladies in Chinese horror movies. Those ‘ghosts’ that help or do not harm humans.

The sky is still gloomy and rain seems impending. I think the heavens are mourning the tsunami victims.


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