2005 so far…

Am writing this entry from a friend’s computer while he had fallen asleep. Perhaps it’s the wine, feeling a little melancholic. Not in a dramatic sense, but a mellow sort of way.

Nothing spectacular had happened in the new year by far. Hmm… on second thoughts, quite a bit happened this past week. First of all, I bought the Creative Zen mp3 player. I had wanted to buy a mp3 player for the longest time, but being the technical dud, I do not know what to look out for or what to look for. Thankfully, a friend showed me around and went through some needs analysis with me so I finally settled on Creative Zen. I hope it’s a good choice.

And I had also started attending classes for my Diploma in Financial Planning course. With passing the first module, I can then become an Associate Financial Planner. The problem is, I hope I can pass. The textbook is so thick and the concepts so dense. It really opened my eyes to how money works but the calculations are a killer. The course is so boring, I don’t even know what to write about it.

A kind friend gave me a month’s free entry pass to California gym so I’ll be training there for the time being. However, except the location advantage, I still prefer to train at SAFRA Toa Payoh. The place is usually crowded and having to queue for the free-weight machines are both awkward and a waste of time. And the locker room is a walk on the tight rope. Plus the stairs are just waiting for me to fall on. I mean, after a seriously strenuous workout, my legs are quivering and having to go down that flight of stairs is like rollerblading along the roof of Westin.


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  1. roy_az
    Jan 06, 2005 @ 16:31:08

    Hmmm..California that bad meh???…I find quite alrite lei…except that I have to agreed wif u on the stair-ways…hehe… Do try the body combat or body pump classes…my favourites…and we might catch a glimpse of each other there…hehe


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