Old Friend in a New Year

Jason and me
What a pleasant surprise!
My secondary 3 classmate from SJI got in touch with me and it’s almost surreal to be catchin up with him again. It must’ve been like 15 since I knew this guy and he hasn’t changed a single bit! Look at the photo, he’s exactly the same 15 years ago. Gosh… me, on the other hand, was told looked like his uncle. I guess the cold weather in England must’ve preserved him well. We lost all contact when he left Singapore and established himself there almost 9 years ago. Jason is now a lawyer, has his own semi-D and is very comfortably settled. Me, on the other hand, again, is stuck in Singapore for the silliest of reasons, still servicing my 4-room HDB loan and still out on the streets begging and prostit*ting. Sigh… no wonder I look like a prata next to that cherry pie.

That was probably the highlight the past 2 weeks. Had a great time meeting with another friend who came back here to visit from Sydney. Known this guy for about 9 years and again, he’s like a sparrow in spring whereas I’m like… sigh… don’t wanna say liao. Anyway, he’s a very brave soul. He came from Malaysia to SG to work, then left everything behind and went to Sydney 5 years ago. Destiny, as it seems, is sunnyside up for him. I’m really glad that things worked out so well for him eventually. He has a great career going with a honey cellar for a boss, a doting and understanding partner and a travelling schedule anyone would drool over. It was really amazing meeting all these long lost friends, seeing where they have arrived at and looking at where I’m heading. Well, life goes on and with such accomplished friends to call my own, how bad can I do, right? Ha.

Have been really lazy at work lately. Hardly made arrangements to meet up with clients and approach new prospects. Then again, I think I’ve been pretty distracted lately with someone whom probably won’t work out right. The best psychological decoder don’t work with this person. Then again, I know what I was in for and it’s matter of managing myself until such time that a revelation dawns. At the meantime, it’s shaking myself up and refocusing on my impending exams, work and getting back in shape.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. roy_az
    Jan 19, 2005 @ 03:03:48

    Hi Darren, welcome back…HOw come I didnt see you on the street?…hehehe :p… Living in a 4-room HDB in Singapore isnt that bad lah…Be optimistic…and enjoys life loh…


    • celebratelah
      Jan 19, 2005 @ 03:18:12

      writing half way
      Hey… I was actually writing my journal halfway when you msg came in. ha! I’m probably in the wrong street that’s why you didn’t see me :o) Well, being where I am isn’t bad, just that sometimes everyone has those moments where it’s a feeling of ‘there’s more to life than this’. I do have lots to be thankful for and blessings to count. You keep afloat and have a great ride too! :o)


      • roy_az
        Jan 19, 2005 @ 07:03:39

        Re: writing half way
        If u dares to dreams, perhaps it will come true one day…
        Will have a great ride…hopes u too…”What u riding btw?”…hehehe :p

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