Kuala Lrombie 18-19/02/2005

A hurried break with a thousand takes… lotsa cakes… and shopping freaks.

[TAKE one] A bus trip costs between S$23 to S$57 depending on the bus liner. Boarded the bus at Golden Mile Complex and it was a smooth ride with minimal traffic and much room to roam. The bus was hardly occupied so the 5 of us made it into a circus on wheels. Who said convent boys are boring? We alighted at the bus station which I think is smack right in the city. Not that I have a keen sense of direction but from where our feet took us, it was very near to Sungei Wang and our accomodation, Parkroyal Hotel. The hotel costs S$122 per night. It’s a pretty decent place to stay but nothing exceptional. I still think the Istana Hotel has probably the best bathroom design although the flourescent light makes it industrial-white. But isn’t there a thrill in getting caught at public restrooms? Anyway, Parkroyal is across Sungei Wang and diagonally from Times Square. The gym and swimming pool is presentable, but again, nothing to shout about.

{CAKE two} It was Jo’s birthday. Nobody remembers how old, but the museums should have a record. Anyway, we sneaked a cake while he was hiding his wrinkles and wished him more good years in the buff… I mean, bath. The embarrassment don’t stop there. We did a birthday cheer with really loud singing at a pub named after a fragrant, poisonous flower. Just like that flower, the place looks nice, but has no sweet nectar within; well, at least, by my taste. The place was packed with not much going on. Thankfully, I boogie even to lullaby so I managed to work up a sweat while Kev sent optic x-rays so intense, there was a libido meltdown. We ended the night around 2am and did a dim sum supper. It wasn’t a quarter as good as the dinner we had at a makeshift roadside stall that claimed herbal chicken soup in a coconut shell as their specialty. It was pretty tasty and cheap. The dinner cost less than S$8 per person. The stall is located on a lane behind Times Square, but I can’t exactly remember the track there.

|FREAKrombie| Never had I bought so many clothing items from one shop. I spent about S$120 and and had officially been initiated into the Abercrombie club. Guess I’m an Abie or Crombie now? But this was really a shopping experience like none before. We took like tens of pieces of clothes, disappear behind the dressing cubicle, and emerge to “yes”, “no”, “this makes you look like you grew breasts”, “this is so you”, “hahahahahaha…”, “one size smaller? bigger?”, “it makes you look very, err… people can tell lor…”. Really shopping freaks. And there was a debate as to whether the Abercrombie from Factory Outlet Shop (FOS)is authentic or not, but well, I don’t really care coz the material feels good and they fit just right. No wonder so many guys are in Abercrombie… not special liao.

I had a good time during the trip and the important thing is that I did not have any anxiety episodes. Wished I could stay one more day to relax after the hectic shopping schedule. But well, there’s always next time and hopefully, it’ll be further, with more friends and maybe someone to french. ;o)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yutaka2k
    Feb 22, 2005 @ 14:56:51

    Bo Jio Bo Jio!!! Happy Belated Birthday to Uncle Jo for Me. Ohh.. and Gerald sent his regards!


  2. roy_az
    Feb 23, 2005 @ 00:07:22

    Look like a great trip….Welcome back… miss ya posting…hehe 🙂


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