Oops… I KL-ed AGAIN

Travelled twice this month, and twice to Kuala Lumpur within a quarter. I’m back to travelling with a vengence! I’m already planning for my next trip to Batu Pahat on 11 June 05. The Malaysian economy should register a bumper growth these few weeks, especially in the garment sector. Yup, bombed my budget again. Told myself I won’t spend more than S$150, but in the end, I think I doubled that. It was just a very short weekend trip, yet I managed to run wild with my finances. This proved one thing, there’s lots to spend on in KL!

Firstly, food is so cheap. A lunch of chicken rice for 2 with drinks and fried kway teow cost only S$6.00. But the best meal was lunch at a hawker center near the coach station. Simply heavenly. Anway, here’re some travel facts :

Exchange rate : S$1.00 to RM$2.28

Coach fare : S$62.00 (2-way, 3-seater Transtar Executive) Got a discount coz Melvin’s sister works in the travel line. Original price is S$39.00 (1-way)

Coach travelling time : 5 to 6 hours

Saturday (28/05/05) – Depart SG 7.30am, Arrive KL 2.00pm
Sunday (29/05/05) – Depart KL 3.00pm, Arrive SG 8.30pm
Accomodation : Marriott Hotel (Chris on business trip so just bunked in)

Then, shopping was great. I think they have a sale going on now (then again, sale is perpetual everywhere isn’t it?) and I got some really good bargains. Especially at the Factory Outlet Shop where I bought a number of Abercrombie stuff the last time. A wide selection of the T-shirts are now going for RM$19.90 (S$8.70) including some of the designs I bought the last trip. Damn! They used to be RM$33.90. More on the trip is in my photo album, KL Again, http://www.darren_ng.blogs.friendster.com.


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