Batu Pahat 11-12 June 05

“Batu Pahat… where?” Most of my city-dweller friends had no idea. They also have no idea that this quiet and sleepy city actually had much to offer in terms of good food, great shopping and friendliness out of a tap. It’s urban rustic charm reminisce of Singapore in the early 80s and a pace of life that’s leisurely casual. Retirement village crossed our minds. And why not?

But get under its skin and I was amused by the appetite for fun that the middle-aged Pahatians had. They were so virile in their partying that the 20-somethings in Singapore are mere wimps by comparison. So that’s my kind of spirit for fun. I liked it so much, I even got acquainted with a muddy side drain.

Well, here’re some travel details about the trip :

We decided to take the bus there so we had to hop on a bus (but we took a cab in the end) from Rochor (Singapore) to go to Larkin (Johor Bahru, Malaysia), then from Larkin, we took a bus to Batu Pahat.

Transport :

DEPARTURE TRIP >> SGP to Larkin by cab : S$10.00 per person; Larkin to Batu Pahat by bus : RM$8.20

RETURN TRIP >> Batu Pahat to Larkin by bus : RM$8.00; Larkin to SGP by private car : S$15.00 per person

Travelling Time : Larkin to Batu Pahat – approx. 2 to 2.5 hrs

Accomodation : Crystal Inn, RM$138.00 (Deluxe Room)

Exchange rate : S$1.00 to RM$2.27

Well, before the trip was over, Jason, Anis and myself were already making plans to visit again within the next 3 months. I suspect this will be my regular pilgrimage, since my birth father had settled down there too. Travel in pictures with photo album, Batu Pahat,


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