Ghost Train… movie hell

Image hosted by Another hard-earned S$8.00 wasted. No wonder this movie is called a journey through hell. Try sitting through this 100 mins borefest and you’d rather choose to die. No need to journey to hell… this movie IS hell. Save for 2 scare scenes, this movie is a tedious flashback about an old train which had gotten into a mysterious accident killing lots of passengers. Parts of this old train was savaged and formed part of a new train. And 16 years later, this ‘new’ train was slated for its last ride before becoming scrap metal.

In the midst of this constricted script lies the story of unfinished business between the living and the dead, so there were some tender moments. But with acting so stale and dialogues so moronic, these scenes dragged me further into boredom oblivion. A snail rowing a sampan would move faster than this farce.


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