I’m A Superhero

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Batman Begins… and I wished it never end. Despite the mystic cliche and textbook storyline, this comic classic was a bus ride on the Great Ocean Road… steady, scenic, and with lots of time for reflection.

The characterization of Batman was very well done. It explained the becoming of Batman and the origin of his powers. I always love Batman for his lack of ‘super powers’, something that made him more real than other superheroes, and more us. He is a symbol of great intelligence with clever use of technology, nothing superhuman. His super power is his desire for justice. And the villians? Common man driven by greed and misguided self-righteousness. Evil comes from us. So is a superhero born of us. It’s all from within. With great desires comes great strengths to accomplish great things, good or evil. But of course, I’d like to think, good always triumphs over evil. So for most part, I always believe in the good of people.

That’s for the most part. It’s not easy and sometimes, the biggest disappointments come from people you take as the closest. What’s even more daunting is the lack of self-reflection and living on believed righteousness. Who’s the aggrieved? Who’s right is it to forgive and forget? … spoken as if one is totally blameless. Don’t I just sound like one of them? Who am I to criticize?

But words are just words. We interpret them through our tainted glasses, so what we perceive are where our fears, ego, beliefs, and insecurities bring us. They bring out the best in us, and also the worst. Then we react according to our set of principles through a character that’s been hewn by memories and experiences. I’ve come to realise that by winning an argument, I’ll lose a friend. But by losing an argument, I’ll lose respect or what I think is right / important. So is self-respect and self-importance more valuable than relationships? Do we need to have the last say? And sometimes, through it all, I come to learn that I’m not one of the people whom will be defended. I have my priorities too. But I learn control.

At the back of my mind, I know how this sounds and I want to clarify that these are just my observations in general about the way I interract and not targeted at anyone specfic. The last thing I want is for my thoughts to be used against me and the blog a battlefield of words. It doesn’t matter if I have the last say. By winning, I’ll lose. I’d rather lose because I know what’s at stake with my family, friends, and clients.

I will defend my own Gotham City and the citizens in it. I am Batman fighting my own evils so they don’t suffer any injustice from me. Like Batman, I am flawed, not impenetratable and all human. But I will harness my super power that I have in me all along… love.

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