Current Top 10 Favourite Songs

Thanks to kissingpanda, I’m taught to add links to LJ friends on my blog entry. So here’s my list of 10 songs I’m currently into… that is, I don’t go through a day without listening to either one or all of them…

10. Ye Zi – A Sang
9. Qing Ai De Ni Zhen Me Bu Zai Shen Bian – Jiang Mei Qi
8. Ji Shi Ben – Zhou Chuan Xiong
7. Chen Zao – Zhang Yu
6. Simple – KD Lang
5. Tai Wei Qu – Tao Jing Ying
4. Rang Ai Gu Ding Xia Lai – Coco Li Wen
3. Yu Yi – A Do
2. Zhu Wo Xin Fu – Yang Nai Wen
1. Shou Fang Kai – Lee Shen Jie

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kissingpanda
    Jun 22, 2005 @ 17:09:50

    Actually I listen more to Chinese song than English song. And by looking at your list, I think we have quite similiar taste. Those that I like are…叶子,亲爱的你怎么不在身边,记事本,趁早,太委屈,祝我幸福,手放开,7 out of 10.
    I don’t like 阿杜,I like 李玟, but not this song.


    • celebratelah
      Jun 24, 2005 @ 04:30:31

      Chinese pop is top
      can’t read chinese characters on my laptop 😦 so dunno which songs u were talking about. Anyway, there’re many great songs out there and here’re my top 10 albums…
      10. Falling Forward – Julia Fordham
      9. Better Or Worse – Debbie Gibson
      8. Zhen Fu – Na Ying
      7. Feng Hua Zai Xian – Fei Yu Qing
      6. The Milano Fashion Show (Disc 1) – DJ Remixed
      5. Sings The Songs Of Astrud Gilberto – Mind Games
      4. Hun Ying Jiu Meng (Jin Pian Zi) – Cai Qing
      3. Hymns Of The 49th Parallel – k.d. Lang
      2. Feels So Good – Sammi Cheng
      1. Zhen Qing – Cai Xin Juan
      We should swap music next time…


      • kissingpanda
        Jun 28, 2005 @ 13:48:20

        Re: Chinese pop is top
        Sorry for the late reply. Just came back from Hong Kong.
        So you can’t read Chinese characters huh? What I wrote in that message was that out of the 10 songs you list, I like 7 of them. Songs 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9 & 10.
        And I don’t like Ah Du. I like Coco Lee but not that song you listed.
        By the way, how come you listen to Fei Yu Qing, Cai Qin and Cai Xing Juan’s song huh? All old uncle and aunties. Hehe..:-))
        Sure, we can swap music.

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