Premonition of Love

Image hosted by Think of someone you love very deeply and dearly. Now, if you know the exact date, time and way that person is going to die, would you try to save this person? But, would you take that person’s place to die?

That’s the heart behind the story. But the unfolding of this tale is so masterful, the revelation came subtle, yet powerful. This is probably the FIRST Jap horror movie that I can follow, understand and actually LIKE. Highly recommended.

Adapted from a Japanese fable, Newspaper of Terror, the story tells of chosen individuals who could receive a premonition of death through newspaper reports. That is, they know tomorrow’s news today, or just minutes before the diseaster was to happen. Spooky. But more pressing when the impending death involved someone you love. When one person must be sacrificed between you and your love one, would you offer yourself? I don’t think I would.

This entry will also be my last one from the office of my part-time job. The deal didn’t go through so my boss and I decided to postpone our working relationship till later, if the situation improves. Was supposed to work till end of June, but I decided to finish up any last bit of work today and call it a day. I need to start working on meeting my cases and volume as soon as possible and also set into gear my financial planning career. I was so motivated yesterday when I went back for my district meeting. Plus the fact that my license is at stake 😦 Anyway, I’m glad to move on even though it meant a cut in income. But I think I really need to focus. Doing 2 things at the same time is taxing mentally. Or rather, I don’t have the discipline yet to work like that. Perhaps I will in the future, and hopefully it’ll come soon. We all only have so many years we can earn an income, but spending is for a lifetime…


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