Will the aliens please take me?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com In the War Of The Worlds, you watch creativity die. And 30 minutes into the movie, I lost all hearing to the constant shrieks of Dakota Fanning (Rachel). Little girls get frightened, little girls scream. But in this show, it’s just plain annoying. I wished the aliens had took me and ended my misery.

Always being historically challenged of cinematic remakes, I didn’t know War Of The Worlds was actually the third (?) film adaptation of a 1898 novel by H. G. Well by the same title. No wonder the ending of the movie was so anti-climatic by today’s standards, but I imagined it would’ve been revolutionary at that time it was written. I mean, how many of us know to thank our bacterias and viruses back when microbial pathology was still an emerging science.

The only thing I liked about this 2005 remake was actually Tom Cruise’s acting. He’s been slammed for his acting abilities, but I think he’s a pretty good actor. I liked his characterization in this movie that made him so believeable and the flaws of him as a person is just nice, even humourous. Other than that, War Of The Worlds works on the usual Hollywood template of resolving strained parent-child/children relationship admist catastrophic events like the end of the world. The misunderstood parents, the rebellious children… and that “even though you suck as a human being, I still love you as my son / daughter” dialogue.

On the whole, this movie is like Independence Day meets The Sign. You get tons of aliens running amok with indestructible spaceships frying everyone and a self-sacrificing single father trying to save his offsprings. Then as simple as the aliens had arrived, they’re killed just as simply… by our own enemies… organisms that make us sick. So they next time you sneeze, say ‘Thank you!


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  1. runecircle
    Jul 03, 2005 @ 11:34:39

    LMAO fucking hilarious review. good shit. more!


  2. kissingpanda
    Jul 03, 2005 @ 15:30:29

    I agree to what you wrote except the part about Tom Cruise’s acting. Hehe..:-)))


  3. muddynights
    Jul 04, 2005 @ 09:24:26

    my thoughts exactly.
    but tom cruise is too pretty to be a dock hand. and his acting is too hollywood. very distracting.


  4. titancross
    Jul 04, 2005 @ 16:01:29

    can’t decide if this review makes me wanna watch more it or avoid it haha..
    hey darren honey, guess who?? 😉


    • celebratelah
      Jul 05, 2005 @ 03:37:31

      VR Man?
      Wooo… your superhero get up is soooo cool! But I think that’s the wrong costume for Wonder Woman leh… Hmmm… u want me to guess ur secret identity ah? Very tough one Melvin. Any clues Melvin? Had I known you for about 10 years Melvin? You look like a comic genius who pronounce the most anatomically correct superheroes Melvin? arrrgghhh… I give up Melvin. You’re too tight-lipped Melvin. Give me a head start… ;o) who are you?


  5. heliosrealm
    Jul 05, 2005 @ 14:14:57

    Nice review,
    what happen if they replace the leading actor with someone else (not tom cruise) ..will you give this movie a better or worse rating ?
    nb: are u fans of Mr cruise ?


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