Aqua Drag-ons

What a drag on Saturday (7 Jul 05) when a sudden wave over-turned a dragon boat full of hot-blooded guys. And blood did flow freely. Till today, I’m still walking like a constipated penguin.

Dragon Boat FestivalThe embarrassment started when my team was boarding our race boat. With more than half of us being first-time competitors and an impatient organizer rushing us to board quickly, a passing wave was all it took to capsize our boat just as our last teammate was getting on. It didn’t help that the launch site was by the stony shoreline under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. I think ours was the only team who capsized our boat even before we got to launch. Floating in the water, I looked up momentarily and saw a swamp of photographers gathering like vultures giving their fore fingers a good workout.

But the worst part came when we were trying to get back onto the shoreline. It was difficult because it’s like walking up the side of a huge drain with uneven crevices and holes within its walls. And it’s pockmarked with sharp barnacles. And the waves kept sweeping us towards that harpooned wall. We were barefooted. Except for one who had rubber shoes on, the remaining 11 of us suffered numerous deep cuts to the soles of our feet. We bled profusely while we bailed water out and waited to board again. The pain was excruciating with our open wounds in salt water. The worst hurt was Kelvin who had a piece of his big toe sliced off. He couldn’t join us for the race after that and I heard he got 2 weeks MC. That’s how bad it was.

That blood baptism did not bring us any luck. We came in fifth of six racing teams. Felt really disappointed because during training, we seemed to do pretty well. Moreover, there was much aggressiveness from the team during the competition, something which we lacked during training. And being in lane 3 is supposedly the shrine of all positions where we would not be eating much draft from the other boats. Sigh… looks like we need to train harder and put in more effort for the next race.

Yet the People’s Association management is calling a 2 months’ hiatus from dragon boat training to restructure their administration of the team. In future, leisure rowers may have to pay to be in the sport, unlike now. Maybe I should join another dragon boat team? During these 2 months where my weekends won’t be tied up, I’m contemplating learning wushu or join a team for leisure soccer. Wushu will be expensive and I know nuts about soccer except watching the games. Dilemma. Just joined a new site called and hopefully can hook up with people interested in wushu or soccer and decide from there…


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  1. gyzersg
    Jul 05, 2005 @ 07:44:43

    I’d like to try dragonboat or wushu


  2. runecircle
    Jul 05, 2005 @ 16:29:51

    a great narrative, though i’m sorry to hear about your 5/6 placing. well, keep at it.
    i liked the image design/photography. very… holiday resortish. makes me just wanna book a flight to someplace ulu with NO shopping and no city-crap, hahaha.
    i had no idea barnacles could be so lethal. gross. hope you guys are ok. ugh. i’m suddenly picturing tom hanks in “cast away”… that one scene. blood gushing out underwater like a tea bag darkening water.
    wushu is fun. though you probably have to deal with a bunch of guys who are taking it to be heros and bad-asses. soccer is too slow paced for my tastes.


    • celebratelah
      Jul 06, 2005 @ 02:15:20

      Take me along to that resort getwaway! Next time I’ll take a hammer and pound up those barnacles to get back at them. Ha. They’re Tritan’s foot soldiers to keep us at bay.
      Wushu to me is about control, inner strength and flexibility. I also think it’s a beautiful form of aggression. Soccer can be slow, but that’s the time to catch our breath!
      aiyoh, u sorry to hear about my team’s placing, but no care about my feet ah? 😦 *sad*


      • runecircle
        Jul 06, 2005 @ 16:06:59

        I like your description of wushu. yes, i agree.
        i dunno… i guess i just prefer reaction sports like volleyball or even table tennis.
        ahck! didn’t mean it that way. “hope you guys are ok” see? i did.
        … *puzzled look* hahahaah!

  3. kissingpanda
    Jul 06, 2005 @ 00:30:15

    You OK now? Look like I know many of you guys who do dragon boat. What is the name of your team? I was there last Saturday actually.


  4. gentlegiantt
    Nov 02, 2005 @ 17:37:03

    was LJ surfing from Aziz’s and stumbled upon yours..not sure if you’re still keen to row the dragon though…you can join my org’s one.
    they train every Sat morning…i think at 10am at Kallan’s SDBA. 🙂


    • celebratelah
      Nov 03, 2005 @ 05:51:58

      Hey… thanks for dropping by my blog and letting me know of your team. I’m rowing with the Kg Glam team now… at least for River Regatta :o)


      • gentlegiantt
        Nov 03, 2005 @ 06:01:25

        oooh! River Regatta! I’m actually with SSC i.e Sg Sports Council and naturally called Team SSC, I think if i didn’t remembered wrongly…*heehee* They went for the SAVA Race at Bedok Res recently.
        Do hope I’d be able to bump into you at the River Regatta Race and say “Hi”! =)
        Row hard, Darren! (:

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