Tri-ing Some-thing New

19 July 2005 (Tuesday) marked the dawn of a new and dangerous awakening. It was the death of morals and a shocking shift in principles. And I enjoyed it. I liked it.

Sometimes I wonder if change is really possible. Or is change merely just acting out suppressed beliefs or wants? So if it’s already there, then it’s not change but merely putting thoughts into action. But I guess we all need that change in mindset to act… change in thought vs change in action… thought leads action; and I was surprised at my capacity for that change. I embrace new suggestions, new experiences, new ideas, but I’m beginning to scare myself. I may not have the depth of character to manage myself responsibly. Where would that lead me? Am I able to discern what’s righteous and what’s not when faced with something new?

I think that’s my struggle… being a traditionalist in a parallel society that cavorts carnal knowledge. Are you a participant or wry with envy? Am I in or am I out? I don’t condone. It’s repulsive. Now, I’m drinking my own puke.

The next minute harbors so many possibilities for newness. I made some new friends, tried a new sport, and went to a new home. People say never forget old friends when you have the new; that history made us what we are. But when I look forward of what I can become, it’s a recollection of merits. It is amazing how sometimes a new acquaintance is more a friend than an existing friend could ever be. Of course there are many circumstantial considerations, but it’s the innate personalities that set them apart. Then again, some friends are good for some things, while others add credits differently. We all have expectations, just that sometimes, with a stroke of luck, you meet that exemplary few who exceed your expectations. I’m thankful I had been lucky lately and had always been most of the time. You know who you are, stand up and be counted, my dear dear friends. I hope my friendship had or will going to be worth your while.      

Image hosted by I tried my hands at rock climbing last Friday (22 Jul 2005) for the first time. It’s really not as easy as it looks. The warm-up climbs on walls 5 and 6 were easy enough and I spidermanned them with much grace. Then came wall 3. That was a real challenge. I hung on for so long and let go of the wall a couple of times, but try as I might, I couldn’t make it to the top. I gave up finally and was hoisted down. But that would be the reason Yishun SAFRA will earn my S$10.50 soon. The wall, shoes and harness were rented separately. The sport is challenging and I sweat buckets. Thankfully, Bruce’s and Chun Hoe’s experience made my progress  swift while Douglas’ constant encouragement to increase my difficulty level kept the climb interesting. I’m definitely going back for more! >>> “Climbing.” “Climb on!” >>> Here comes Spidarman.

Puked in the cab again last night Saturday (23 Jul 2005). Didn’t drink very much actually at Dominic’s housewarming party, but was high pretty fast. Don’t know why. I think I had the most a bottle of red wine only. Dom’s place is nicely done up with a great view. Staying at Upper East Coast Road also meant that he gets a hint of the sea too. Nice. But it’s kind of stressful being his guest. He cleans up right behind you so that keeps me on my toes in not leaving a trail of spilt drinks, dropped food or dented furniture. It was hilarious when Edwin walked right into one of the paneled glass door with a loud ‘gong’ and instead of asking if he had hurt himself, Dominic promptly reached for the kitchen towelrette and started polishing vigorously at the grime spot!

The aspiring photographer in me attended the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition. There was this talk by this veteran photographer by the name of Nicholas who is also the regional-something with Epson. Learnt some new ideas about using photos to tell a story with music, kind of like a Charlie Chaplin short film in stills. Also learnt that when lighting food for shoots, always light from behind and placing a mirror in front to fill in the shadows. There’s also placing cross-section of fruits, vegetables and spices for scanning; the resulting images were full of details and colors. And for longevity of prints, always use acid-free paper (which are usually slightly off-white) with pigment inks rather than dye ink. Looking at all the great photos in the show, I was wondering if a photo I took could pass off as professional material. So with some ego, I edited one of my favorite photos onto an exhibit and hopefully, when the world turned blind, I may get a chance to exhibit the photos I take for real. I titled this photo of the leaf, ‘Unfolding’.


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