Painful Pleasures

Tie me up. Strap me down. Whip me hard. Spank me loud… but love me, most wholeheartedly. In the leathery darkness of sado-masochistic culture, it seemed that the master and slave relationship is not one of punishment, but of love. The master leads, takes care and feeds the slave, while the slave submits himself/herself, trusting totally in the master’s protection. The more the master loves his/her slave, the more pain he/she will inflict and the more the slave loves it and feel loved.

Isn’t it the same when we vent our anger, hit our spouses or cause hurt (physically, emotionally, psychologically) to someone we love, and when the assault settled, we try to make up to that person by being extra tender, giving even more love? Family, friends or lovers alike, after a big argument where nasty things were said or done; then a resolution was reached, apologies said, don’t we get a warm fuzzy feeling of pleasurable connectedness with that person, like he/she is your best friend or your most loved partner in the world? Just like most friends agree that make-up sex is always the best sex. Why? Because after the pain, comes pleasure. Pain enhances pleasure.

I played dress-up last night and exiled myself as an S&M master. But I looked more like a slave. From the photos, my ‘costume’ was rather mild, but in Singapore that was wild. Even for myself. And this group of Bangladeshi construction workers who walked past while I waited by Mohd Sultan Road for Angela in broad daylight, kept staring at me. I swear a few of them were salivating… *shudder* … If Angela didn’t come soon, she’ll have to come rescue me from the construction site nearby. So I decided to put my decoy singlet back on and removed my leather bands in part to excuse myself from a Banghra gangbang, but mostly to stop traumatizing young children and families along the street.

We were supposed to meet outside Fuenti (Italian restaurant along Mohd Sultan Road) at 6:50pm, but Angela finally arrived at about 7:15pm. Well, 25 minutes of ridicule ain’t that bad. I needed a drink. Make that lots of drinks. Freeflow housepour was from 7:00 – 8:00pm, we already wasted 15 minutes. By gastro-measurements, that would work out to about 4 gin tonic for me.

So we entered Air Lounge for the leather-themed launch party. To my dismay, the “Entry by leather” code wasn’t adhered to. Except for the dozen of us who decked out our leather gear, the rest looked like they were there for a church sermon. Fortunately, there were still some SM veterans who were suitably suited up. There was Bryan with his open-chested leather jacket that showed much of his hairy, Caucasian chest, which he offered readily to ladies as a carpet to warm their cold hands, especially over his nipples. Complete with whip, rings, chains and a silvery head scarf Elizabeth Taylor would wear, I was amused to learn that he is a respected foot specialist by profession. Maybe that’s why he’s a foot doctor, it fits well in the line of fetishes. Then there was this SM Queen from Japan who was the hostess of the evening. She had on a pink and black studded PVC strap-on dress, but what’s to watch was her outrageously elaborate eye make-up with eyelashes like little black toothpicks. Think drag queens.

There wasn’t much going on at the launch except for the freeflow and quite a bit of media. There was one that filmed the SM Queen and a blue man and red woman dancing against a green screen. Apparently it’s for some European documentary about sex in Singapore. Looking at the film sequence, it’s going to give sex a bad name in Singapore. But most of the night we spent with Angela’s friend who is a working poet.

Alan must be in his 50s and his girlfriend or wife, Ella, maybe in her late 20s. I’ve never met a real poet so it was pretty interesting to look at the way Alan talked and expressed himself. He was very animate with mannerisms that I thought were rather effeminate, but he is straight. So we were having drinks the whole hour we were there with this schoolgirlish white man all excited about publishing his poems soon and looking for models to pose for his prose. I agreed. Did I mention that he writes erotic poems?

Well, last night was really something that I did out of character. I would dress to theme parties, but S&M had never been my style. But the pseudo-SM party was just right… it’s all about looking the part, and not acting it out or being a real attitude. A friend had shared with me what being in a real S&M session is like. I was astonished that that friend survived it at all and going back for more!

Power. Pain. Pleasure. Anyone ready for some discipline?


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gyzersg
    Aug 01, 2005 @ 12:19:41

    Interesting entry to read.. and you look hot!


  2. runecircle
    Aug 01, 2005 @ 19:43:23

    are you scorpio too? i see that tattoo you have.
    pain enhances pleasure? some might even say pain defines pleasure. i dunno, i’m not into such things, but friends i know who are, say that once inducted, one never leaves that school of thought. interesting, huh.
    yes, i agree with gyzer, you look totally hot!
    the real mccoy leather stuff can be seen during the famous folsom street fair in san francisco every year. pretty raunchy and sometimes hilarious stuff going on there. lol
    be good


    • celebratelah
      Aug 02, 2005 @ 08:36:07

      nope… not a scorpio. sometimes I’m a taurus, sometimes a gemini. My starsign very not here, not there…. very me. ;o) that tattoo is a stick-on. Comes off with cold cream. Next time it’ll be a cockroach.
      Yup, my fren who had the experience kept going back for more. But I can’t imagine pleasure from pain… maybe I’m a wooze.
      I was sweating like a pig outside the club and freezing my t*ts off inside. Torn singlet >>> no good for pub activities…


  3. blueyblue
    Aug 02, 2005 @ 03:41:12



  4. titancross
    Aug 02, 2005 @ 17:35:47

    Haha looks like you had fun! Ooo.. things i would do to you in leather…. I guess the only S&M and leather you’ll go for is torturing your wallet for some Louis Vuitton eh? 😉
    It’s an interesting read but i’m sorry, nothing and i mean nothing covers for spousal abuse = love!


    • celebratelah
      Aug 02, 2005 @ 23:20:23

      You naughty little boy… come over here and get spanked :o)
      Yup, no excuse for spousal abuse. Just an observation of the S&M way relationships between spouses sometimes are. More the act of violence, then over-the-top benevolence.
      Love rules!! haha… :o)


  5. cgnotcb
    Sep 25, 2005 @ 08:53:10

    U look too cute to be a master la.. More like dog trainer.. :p


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