Halloween group picHalloween. The only day I can walk the streets without scaring anyone. Not in the habit to celebrate Halloween, but thanks to Roxanne, we could finally stop dressing up like humans and be our true selfs… for one night. And it was great fun! Everyone was so game and showing off our true colors was much simpler than it looked.

I couldn’t decide if I should go in my past life as a Sailormoon raped till death by an eight-tentacled dildo with 10-inch spikes, or to reveal my love for compulsory military service in a death ten times over when I was 18. No saving of anyone’s privates as the dead solider in me prevailed. So I went, as Lance Corporal Sincerity, captured during a resistance battle for the freedom of speech… and chewing gums. The enemy was very harsh.

As a prisoner-of-war, I was locked up in a tiny cell with no natural resources and I had to do everything I was told. All was very regimented and if I exercised reasonable free will, I get fined and disciplined. Everyday, I had to work very hard and for very long hours just so I can stay alive. Occassionally, I get to visit the other cells, which were much, much bigger. Every cell had a name and mine was called StagNATION. While the other cells had lesser controls, I heard there’re lots of fighting going on with the inmates. Some of them even bomb each other just because they can’t agree that apples can be eaten raw. Diseases were also widespread and death most fowl. And when their cistern got stuck, flood happens. Thankfully in my cell, I drink my own pee.
Changing into ghost

Then one day, I was told I can choose to go to another cell or stay. So I had to make the decision if I’m a stayer; and since I don’t know what’s in the other cells and having been conditioned to let someone else do the thinking for me, I decided to stay. All these while, the fight rages on with killer words and sticky gum. But the resistance won because for pure survival, freedom of speech and thoughts had to be liberated… and people need to chew gum.

And the time came when all the prisoners of war could be released. I was elated. Immediately I took my small little kaki green sling bag and rushed out. But in my eagerness, I failed to see a big wad of gum spread out on the stairs leading out of my prison building. And that was very sticky gum. So my boots got stuck, I lost my balance and tumbled all the way to the bottom of the steps. At the same moment, thousands of fleeing inmates trampled over me and there was this guy in 4-inch high stilettos leaping off the parapet next to the flight of stairs towards me.

The penciled heels plunged into my abdomen. Right foot on my left chest, left heels in my right abs. That’s how Sincerity died.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBut that’s hardly sensational compared to Michael who came as Huang Na, the murdered child whose parents had now built a mansion back in China from the donations received. Recreating that hairstyle came really by fate. Toys R Us had these foam wigs for sale for Halloween. I counted 5 different styles and designs, but by the time we got to the outlet at United Square, there were only 2 designs left. And that was the last one of the design. It normally cost S$24.90 for the wig, but since one of the ponytails was torn, Michael got it at a special rate of S$15.00.

After Roaxanne’s party, we headed to the clubs. And the scariest thing was that we were the only few in costumes! That’s really not so bad, but the worst was to be snubbed at when you try to spread some cheer by ‘scaring’ the strangers around you. Where’s the spirit of fun, which I believe is what Halloween encompass?


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. roy_az
    Nov 02, 2005 @ 00:20:53

    Hmmm…looks fun… Guess you have loads of fun…cool yeah… 😉


  2. discoecstasy
    Nov 02, 2005 @ 02:17:19

    I knew it when Halloween comes around people have to play dress up before they can be admitted into the clubs (Zouk, Mox etc) … so my friends and I chose to just chill out at one of our friend’s place to sip wine, bunch on carbs and trade ghost stories. Haha 😀
    But nonetheless, it isn’t such a bad thing afterall, to ham it up and have a good time since Halloween only comes round once a year.


    • celebratelah
      Nov 03, 2005 @ 05:45:14

      Actually, it’s the opposite. Not many people dress up for Halloween and they still gain entries into clubs. But a cosy get together to chill with friends is also nice :o)


  3. heliosrealm
    Nov 02, 2005 @ 14:05:17

    How come no POW scene us lar
    Happy Belated Halloween =)


  4. cgnotcb
    Nov 02, 2005 @ 17:42:29

    Not scared!
    nice image! U look slimmer… :p not scary enough, still emits hilarity! hahahaha.. :p


  5. celebratelah
    Jul 02, 2006 @ 06:14:20

    well, gay cum is called gum :o) hahaha…
    yup yup, we found each other and i love your very crisp reviews on the things you’ve seen and those inspiring quotes. keep writing! :o)


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