No medal again

River Regatta GroupHad pretty high hopes of winning a medal at the River Regatta race last Saturday (26 Nov), but again, it sank. Rowed with the Kampung Glam cum ACJC Alumni team this time and since they won second place during the SAVA Sprint, I was hoping for some decoration around my neck at Regatta. First race came in 3rd of 4; second race placed last… and I rowed my guts out for the races.

The guys at Kg Glam are very friendly and nice. Much less tension and politics, but training lacked a certain direction. Everyone had an opinion on how each row went and all have comments about it. There was no qualified third party observer to actually tell us how we could improve or correct our strokes. A lot of the time, I felt our strokes were too rushed, but that seemed to work for the ACJC Alumni team, they managed to get into the semi-finals. Well, this race is over. Now it’s time for a break and get back to rock climbing on Fridays.


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  1. lyph
    Nov 28, 2005 @ 18:04:24

    heh.. din’t see u at the races on saturday.. i was spectating only.
    btw.. this is ethan.
    happened to surf on to ur LJ!
    wat’s ur email? or u want me to sms u??:P


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