Leatheration : A Dark Christmas

Leatheration logo
This Christmas… it got dark… it was very painful… and I cried out in tortured pleasure as friends’ donned leather for some S & M yuletide. It was a spanking good time at the Leatheration Christmas Party with slave boys, dominatrix, leather cops and me in military leather. Sir, yes sir!

We were exceptionally thrilled that people were so sporting not just in dressing to the theme, but also taking part in the games. Some costumes and entertainment segments were so risqué, photography had to be banned and no posting of images onlinewithout permission. So you can imagine the good clean fun the 40 plus of us had. And at the end of the night, each of us got a personalized music CD aptly titled Slut . Sweat . Shag . as a door gift.

Booze flowed freely as 2 crawling slaves led by dominatrix Michael started the night’s programme with the Life In Disaster Awards 2005. There was the Wallflower Of The Year for that individual who is transparent at social functions, where people forget their presence. Then there was the Clueless Of The Year, to honor a consistent display of blurness and empty-headedness that can sink helium. This was followed by the Macho Mary/Gary Award, for those whose behavior deviates from their exterior. Then came the Slut Of The Year, to recognize that person who… well, you know what a slut is. Finally, the most coveted title, the Bitch Of The Year Award. This category had the most nominees with 6 contenders. So many people just have nothing better to do with their tongues. Sigh…

After those disastrous characters came the Worst Dressed Award given to this guy in a pink striped shirt. It looked like Pizza Hut made him a uniform out of their tablecloth. But the Best Dressed winner was a knock-out with a netted black tank-top skimming a red kilt completed with metal clasped leather boots and a whip coiled around the torso. Following the awards was the customary gift exchange to put in that hint of Christmas cheer before the saucy fantasy segment – Spanked Hunks / Babes. Throughout the night, guests voted for who they wanted to see get spanked with a little star sticker and the top 3 most voted removed an article of clothing and dropped their pants/skirts before being stung 3 times with the leather whip. Ouch!

On the whole, the event went pretty well with great guests who very promptly left their inhibitions at the door. Leatheration… where pain justifies love.

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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 28, 2005 @ 16:16:31

    wow kinky… u muz be havin lots of fun then.


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