The Darkest Days

The darkest days have come upon, befallen woes go on and on
In a downward spiral with no pit, he hasn’t seen the warming sun for weeks
If loving God doesn’t stop the pain, who’s left to shelter us from rain?
Things could get much worse, but comforts are already drained in every Bible verse

Should life be punished by adventure?
Hasn’t curiosity coursed us on a lunar steer?
What rewards could be brought on by more fear?
How much more blood from the people we hold so dear?

If a teardrop could speak, what did a mother’s tears say?
The dew of sorrow floods those two shallow graves
Offering no solace, washing away nothing off that day
That day, hell stayed past the deliverance birthday

Then the right got sickened, then the left collapsed and stricken
Yet unforgiven, the tortured self burnt with flames of heaven
The devil hasn’t bought his soul, only justice and words had him sold
How long more to go?
Till despair and desperation consumed him whole…

With death can the wretched hour stop
Leaping off, hanging up, or the myriad pills to pop

Silence made the most chaos in his mind; in solitude, no peace his heart can find
All his insides just grind, grind, grind
So the antidote came out of fermented vines, that burgundy syrup made everything fine
All his sanity screams wine, wine, wine

The darkest days have come upon, befallen woes go on and on
Sadness, guilt and shame awaits; Godspeed please this dream awake
How much further more to go?
Before the promised pavement of silver and gold


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. khonlynxx
    Jun 10, 2006 @ 01:01:43

    -patpat- =)


  2. kykydiary
    Jun 10, 2006 @ 07:49:24

    Yo, cheer up k? *hugzzz*


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