Are you ready to get closer to the fear?

Ghost Game posterMy sleep continued to be haunted from the 9.15pm session last night. Ghost Game was one hell of a movie to watch. It has a nice tingle to jibe our diet for reality TV… what if the challenges set ahead cause people to die from it? From those earthworm slurping, goo drinking tests popularized by Fear Factor, had any one of its contestants ever get a bad bout of poisoning and are given the ‘You’re out’ phrase in the game of life? A case of ‘Get rich, or die trying’.

I’m a horror fiend. And I hadn’t seen many good scares around, especially of Asian make. But Ghost Game was a pretty good effort. The production was slick and the tension was gripping from beginning to end. I love the attention to detail and color treatment given to the opening war memorial sequence. The casts were also competent (they’re actually contestants from a Thai reality talent competition) and the spook factor was really high with a dash of Thai voodoo, torture chambers and ghouls that came fast and quick. Its scripting was also well-threaded as there’re no gaps and not too many unnecessary sub-plots. Everything worked this film to be my orgasm of a horror movie, until the ending. The killing of the contestants became rather tedious and I can’t make head or tail of the motivation for a last surviving character. Nonetheless, it’s a good movie to learn 1,001 ways to express fear with your face.

I think Thai movies can rival Bollywood anytime soon and is definitely way ahead in epic proportions compared to the leanness of Singaporean movies. For one, Thai movies have a wider range in their story themes (before Ghost Game, I saw another Thai movie called Bite Of Love; about the love between a little girl, Khao Niew, and her dog, Moo Ping. It’s a rather slow movie and somewhat patchy, but do bring tissue paper) with an international appeal rather than the limited cinematic vocabulary of local films, which usually reads like a social commentary (Army Daze, Bugis Street, Money No Enough, I Not Stupid, 12 Storey, 15). If the scenes do not happen in a HDB flat, they’ll surely be at hawker centers. If they’re not about Ah Bengs, they’ll be about Ah Quas, with some slapstick humor thrown in.

Well, hopefully our local films can be force-fed some sizeable budget soon with scripts that are not off a documentary. Meanwhile, I’ll await the video release of Ghost Game to add to my collection of horror movies. I don’t just face my fears, I re-live them.


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  1. jepungia
    Aug 21, 2006 @ 08:51:47

    u know what, i totally agree with you!the whole premise of the movie has so much potential for a really great horror flick, but the ending proved to be a total let down.


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