Matrimony is when love discovers horror

The Matrimony posterAnything with Leon Lai in it would already be frightful to watch. But with this horror movie’s persistence at outdoing itself in terms of being a piece of bore, you can’t decide which is more scary… the bad acting or awful directing? Yes, the story is that boring that you try to figure out why the director (Teng Hua Tao) produced such unimaginative cinematography instead. And it doesn’t take a lot of brainpower to recognise his template rip-off from a pre-schooler’s textbook to horror-filmmaking.

The Matrimony has hardly any climax. It’s like what happens after marriage, after paying for my ticket and it’s too late to walk out. All this stale reel really does is keep divorcing its audience from any ounce of entertainment. If you remain curious about The Matrimony’s plotline, just visit its official website and read the synopsis. That is all you need to know and see of this yet another Asian horror flop.

If the script is nothing new and the camerawork cliche, at least pay some attention to the acting. There’re countless gaps in emotional continuity with the actors in this film. The really sore one was Leon Lai and Rene Liu’s (they play husband and wife) housekeeper, Rongma. In one scene where she was talking to Rene, she was all deadpan and corpse-like. Then in the next scene following straight after, she was chatting with Rene all lively and matrony. Her deadpan-ness seemed more like a technical requirement to increase the spook factor of that first scene, rather than the natural behavior of the servant’s character.

But the most offending part of the movie is also its end. It looked forced to leave a happy ending. The director should know that it is okay to leave a painful ending rather than ending it painfully.

If future horror flicks produced by mainland China is going to continue in the tradition of The Matrimony, I’ll be the first to file for divorce.


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