Draggy Dreamgirls

Dreamgirls posterNot yet a wet dream, but Dreamgirls would make any female impersonator cum in their pants… or, err… pantyhose. The movie runs like a style and sound guide for drag queens with lungs enough to fill a dozen amphitheatres; in lip-synching perfection that is. Bangkok could be doing material from this two-hour ‘sing it, don’t say it’ fable for years, and I’m sure the tight T-shirted crowd that dominated the cinema would gladly lap it all up.

For a moveecal (perhaps musical movies should be called that?), it’s not a bad investment. You don’t get a whole lot of choreography like Grease, Chicago, and the likes, but there’re enough retro feet movers and lovey tunes to raise goosebumps on eggshells. But the ballads aren’t really that catchy and the preachy lyrics made me squirm. The best track from the movie would be the disco version of One Night Only. It made my shoulders twitch. But not too much. Just in case my sequined pads slip out.

Story-wise, it’s nice how Dreamgirls blurred the hero-villain line and how being weak is the strongest one can be. And Beyonce Knowles is just incredible to watch. Not her acting, but her fantastic body and looks. She’s so beautiful, so perfect and absolutely flawless! I’m just so bowled over by how unbelievably gorgeous she is. No, I don’t want to be her, I want to DO her! If I can have a dream girl, Beyonce No-less would be she.

As for Jennifer Hudson, I was trying very hard to find proof to reconcile the fact that she won a Golden Globe for her supporting role. Maybe it’s the emptiness in her eyes that somehow made her facial expressions very flat, but an E Minor is what her voice is not. She’s got an amazing range and that girl can really scream, which became an earsore from an over-dramatic score. A solo album is probably in the making now that pre-marketing had been so successful. I’ll definitely buy it, ORIGINAL, if it’s out because Jennifer’s voice has so much talent.

The other casts put up a pretty good performance, especially Anika Noni Rose. Her transition from girl-woman is very well done. Her character’s maturity in the movie is obvious to see, yet undetectable in its process. Which only meant one thing. Great acting. Eddie Murphy also put in a sensitive performance that made him suddenly human, and tired, and aged, which was what his character is, a has-been musical icon. However, his trademark toothy grin still sparkle more Nutty Professor than serious actor.

Dreamgirls as a movie is entertaining for the first hour. After that, it’s rather draggy with too much singing (yes, there can be too much singing in a musical). Some of the show’s dialogue should just be said and not sung. This is a movie, not the musical that it was adapted from. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad watch… especially with Ms Knowles making every single cent darn worth it!

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  1. roy_az
    Feb 28, 2007 @ 01:49:01

    Did U watch the Oscar in which they sang…?…I was thinking…any moment Jenifer boob’s will fall out….hehehe…Great singing though…but I think one of the American Idol this season top 24 girl sang quite a good rendition too…U catch it???…;)


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