Dog leash man

Sleepy Joy

Do not worry
When you sleep at the edge of the bed
For I will watch you while you sleep
I will catch you if you fall

Don’t you ever feel at lost
When we take our little walks
I may play hide and seek when you wander far
But I will never let you out of sight

Do not hide when you made a mistake
Shredding the tissue boxes or chewed my shoes
I will punish you
But never too hard that it hurts me more than you

Don’t you ever feel alone
I will leave a light on for only you
And fill your solitude with your beloved toys
Till I come back to you, my Joy

Do you remember this afternoon’s walk?
That crow that attacked you and gawked?
Do not be afraid
I won’t let you break a nail from your paw
Or let that black bird flap and kite

Guess who’s on your dinner plate tonight…

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. kykydiary
    Mar 17, 2007 @ 04:34:28

    haha…nice one


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