Busybody jellies

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This is the kind of blog that probably no one will read except busybody friends. But I like busybody friends. At least they think it mattered enough to busy my body. Ha. But for me, it’s because I value them that we had moments captured together, that I busied their bodies instead :o)

February is always fabulous coz of Chinese New Year and Mad March an excuse to celebrate a quarter passed. Time doesn’t just fly. Its supersonic turbo engine brings the future faster than we can recollect. Sometimes memories gather so quickly, it is only through photos that spark the highlights of a time spent. Sometimes before I fall asleep, I think about how terrible it is to forget. To lose my memories to age, or some disease that devours my experiences, to the point where there’re no more emotions about someone, because I had forgotten how to remember.

Perhaps if one day I can remember no more, my friends will remember for me. With this entry, the world can help me recall, and to keep the bodies of friends who are friends, busy!

The past 6 months had been trying. It had been daunting. Yet it was uplifting. The actuality of going through some situations, is really not as bad as thinking about going through them. It is always people that made pulling across a muddy swamp easier. Life can be shitty and going through it is like anal penetration. But not if there is a lot of KY. And here’s how I acquired my lubricating jellies…

Valentine’s Day with Mum and Dad

Heart Of The FamilyWe were trying to form the shape of a heart in the picture. Well, the shape of love is not perfect but at least we each added a part and are joined at the fingers. We did dinner with Uncle Kee at United Square’s Soup Restaurant then popped over to Harry’s at Novena Square for a drink with Dr L. Was sending out Valentine’s well wishes and Dr L replied that it will be another night spent dateless. So what the heck, we got the good doctor to join us for a drink. It was the day of love. And a lifetime is not enough to be generous with it.

It was unusual mush with mum and dad, but it was nice. After all, they are the people that I love most. Let’s hope it’s not because I’m single now and they’ll be out of the picture come V Day 2008… Well, it will be nice to have 4 people in the picture next year.

Chinese New Year 2007

I had a lot more fun with my cousins this year. They’re crazy shutterbugs. The whole time that we had our reunion luncheon, Fiona and Rebecca just can’t stop snapping photos… of themselves. Wah lau, I don’t know where they inherited their vain genes from, but thanks to the cameras, for a moment, the whole family is all looking at the same direction.

It was really nice that not only the aunties and uncles who got together, but to see that the younger generation deemed it important enough to come for the reunion. More often than not, youngsters would shun away from such gatherings, but I think it is valuable to meet up once in a while as family. Oh no, I sound like an old uncle. I was even telling my First Uncle that he should get his 2 children to come join us next year and giving him advice on how to affect his children positively. I couldn’t believe those words I said to him. Suddenly, we were talking on par… an adult to another adult; no longer as uncle and nephew. Gosh… where had my youth gone??!!

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This year, instead of having a gathering of ex-colleagues from Nu Skin at Irene’s place, we had it at King’s place. His place is one of the stretches of heritage conservation buildings in the centre of the city and it’s really an unusual place of residence. King and his wife, Amanda, are very humble and exceptionally personable. Without airs and down-to-earth, Amanda serves us even though she was about 9 months pregnant. And they have a maid.

Chiou Yee was also very much pregnant with her second child. Her stomach is so big, it eclipsed the DHL hot-air balloon that is outside King’s house. I think hers is the biggest pregnancy I had ever seen. Dressed in purple, she reminded me of two Barney the dinosaurs. And I met Stella’s second addition, Julia, for the first time. She is so well-behaved for a baby and Stella didn’t looked like she had just given birth. Geraldine, on the other hand, looked like she enjoyed her managerial position a little too much, while Lillian and Chua looked exactly the same when we first became an allegiance more than 3 years ago. And as usual, Irene is always bouncy and her ample bosoms are forever on 拜年 mode.

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There’re a lot more friends that I am grateful for for their generosities in the past 2 months. Friends like Michael, TK, Yen Miin, Cecilia, Adrian, Victor, Jonathan, Choon Wee, Karen, Jansen, Leroy, Arthur, Alden, Dominic, Stella, John, Jansen, Nick, Eddie, TK, Anis, Jason, James, Serene, Chris Yap… Also caught up with Bryan and Daniel who’re back from Melbourne for a visit (Daniel’s favorite dog died when he was back here. We were catching up over tea when the long-distance call came. But he was very calm about it and handled it really well. I hope he’s feeling better now…), and made some new friends. Well, maybe not friends yet. More like acquaintances waiting to be friends. This is going to be a good year!


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