A reaping harvest

The Resping PosterThe Reaping is a visual harvest and a reminder of the wonders of God. For once, it is nice to see a cinematic representation of a God who takes matters into His own hands rather than let man clean his own sh*t from devil worship. We’ve all seen movies about Satan’s spawn (The Omen, End Of Days, and all other horrors that called on God but didn’t work) and the rush to stop-the-end-of-world by holy men before hell-comes-of-age-and-the-whole-world-will-suffer anthologies, and thankfully, The Reaping provided the much needed salvation.

Not that I’m a pious Christian. Hell, I’ve had my share of doubting the existence of God matched as vehemently by my consistent absence from church. Or my constant questioning of an omni-present Creator who created us and knows the ills of humanity, yet does nothing to turn things into Eden on the excuse of free will. “I’ve created all things on this earth, including you, but I’ll let you choose how you want to live your life.” I mean, if You know we’re gonna sin, You know we’ll make a mess of life right?

How can faith, love and peace compete with money, vanity, fame, drugs, alcohol and sex? Instant gratification versus something that is intangible that may or may not be true. The latter six takes minutes or years to achieve, whereas the former three spans a lifetime to decide. But just as worldly pleasures take the amount of time to achieve, they last the equal amount of time to enjoy. Because ultimately, everything will pass. Only love endures. God’s love that is.

Okay, this blog sounds rather preachy. Expect that from The Reaping too. Non-Christians can be inspired to curiosity, or be plotting my murder by now. But I won’t hide the fact that I am Christian. I’m learning my belief in Jesus, and I’m damn happy about that. The Passion Of The Christ felt my pain for the person named Jesus who died for my sins, The Reaping renewed my faith in a God who sheds light in the darkness of life. God is intangible. So is life. Or fate. Or coincidence. And the whole universe. No one knows the answers…

Except science. It explains a lot of things. It makes a lot of sense. The Reaping explained all the biblical plagues as scientific occurrences. And you get all 10 Egyptian plagues in the movie, which is a nice millennium update to the ancient text. It was delightful how science tried to explain why the river Nile turned red (due to a rare algae) to the death of the first-borns in Egypt (the first-borns being fed the most from livestock that drank from the river), just like how heaven tries to describe hell. It was still entertaining even though scientists had gone hoarse explaining that from the instant we can date time.

But the best part of the movie came near its ending (don’t all movie climax at the last 10 minutes?), and I shan’t be the devil to spoil it all. What struck me was when Hillary Swank asked how we know if reality is real. Then AnnaSophia Robb replied, “Through faith…” Isn’t it ironic? Faith is something we cannot hold on to. Yet through faith, we’re to view something we cannot stay permanent in.
And tonight I prayed. I thanked God for all the good times and the bad. That through it all, He is teaching me how to live. And to live life more abundantly.


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