My Happy Sweet 18 (x 2!)

Didn’t plan to go away or do anything special for my 36th birthday, so the Kuching trip was just a coincidence that 21 May should fall within that travel period. But again, I’m reminded why it is important to celebrate birthdays.

It is not about birthdays being a day of self-glorification or being special, but about it being a reason to bring people together. It’s ironic that my blog title is Celebrate Life! when I can’t even be bothered to celebrate my being alive! Ha.

As age is catching up, staying healthily alive is slowly becoming a conscious effort. I’m reminded of my ex-boss, Jasmine, and what she said during one of her birthday celebrations that I attended.

From her 30s, Jasmine started to suffer from a disease which I had forgotten the name. She fell pretty sick and was absent from work alot (which was good for me coz no one to breathe down my neck!) and became pretty frail. I learnt a lot from her but eventually left the company. A few years later, through the enthusiasm of some ex-colleagues, a Chinese New Year gathering was organised and I saw Jasmine again. She was wearing a glove on her left hand.

I thought to myself how odd that she’s wearing one glove and in Singapore! But I found out later, she’d lost the tip of 2 of her fingers to the disease and the others were in the process of dying off. They were starting to turn black.

From then on, not because of her disease, the CNY gathering became a yearly affair and since Jasmine’s birthday is in February, we celebrated for her as well. I remembered during one of the celebrations about 2 or 3 years ago, before she blew off the candles, she said this, almost like a thought out loud, “It’s good to be alive. I’m lucky to have another year.”

Staying alive can be hard at times. So when another birthday comes around, even if we have no one to celebrate our existence for, just celebrate anyway as a pat on the back to have made it this far.

Simple Celebration

I count myself lucky that friends remembered my birthday and want to celebrate for me. I’m also lucky that I still have many reasons to celebrate. So why waste those reasons?! Heh. I’m very grateful for the gifts I’ve received (Bench Brief, aroma candle, Nat Geo cap, handmade book, tie, and b’day plaque) and even more thankful for the time and effort to make me feel special…


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