Singapore Blog Awards 2010

I started this blog on 27 December 2004 and never have I imagined that 5.5 years later, it could make it into the Singapore Blog Awards! From the more than 1,000 entries, Celebrate Life! is amongst the 100 in 10 categories. What an honour!

When I received a call from the organizer, Omy in mid-May to have my blog moved from the ‘Most Insightful Blog’ to the ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ category, I thought it was just a matter of administration by the organizer. I went on with my routine life, took a trip to Kuching and continued to procrastinate the many things I wanted to blog about.

Then someone posted on my Facebook wall to congratulate me on making it as one of the Top 10 Finalists! So I went to the awards site to verify, saw my pic there (it was risqué!) and visited blogs from other finalists. I realized how slow I was in catching the Blog Awards fever! So from late May onwards, I blogged like I’ve never blogged before with an entry almost every other day.

And by some stroke of luck, Celebrate Life! has been voted into one of the Top 3 spots of the Best Lifestyle Blog category. I’m immensely grateful to all that voted for this humble blog with none of the really cool blog technologies and design.

So now that I’ve caught the Blog Awards fever, I would like to give it a shot to run for votes. The winner is determined 30% by votes and 70% by the panel of judges. Hopefully you’ll get into the heat and vote for this blog. Here’re the steps to vote :

Step 1 : Go to

Singapore Blog Awards

Step 2 : Create an account & login to vote

Register an account

Login to vote

Step 3 : Click on ‘Categories & Nominees’ and select ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’


Best Lifestyle Blog

Step 4 : Vote for Darren Ng – Celebrate Life!

Vote for Celebrate Life! - Darren Ng

Mouseover the pink vote label. When it turns green, click on it. If you click on the photo icon, it’ll just call out the blog site. Thank you for your vote and support. You can cast one vote everyday. Thanks lots! :o)


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