Countdown to Hong Kong : – 2 Days


Two more days to the trip and it’s time to play Ken doll. Or in my case, Chucky needs a few clothing changes while in Hong Kong.

Usually, I don’t start packing my luggage until the night before and normally, I bring only half of what I’m bringing on this trip. I brought more this time round because the Omy camera crew will be following us on some of our activities. I better make sure I don’t look shaggy and my armpits smell like a flowering valley in spring.

Well, it’s summer now in Hong Kong. It’ll probably be burning but according to the Hong Kong Observatory 7-day weather forecast, this weekend is going to be rather wet. I hope the forecast is wrong. Maybe we should get Paul the psychic octopus to predict the weather.

Weather forecast 22-28 Jul 10

I really hope it will be bright sunshine on Saturday as I’m going to the Wetland Park. I’ve even prepared my nature photography outfit :

White T-shirt – To keep cool and reflect light onto the insects’ eyes to create catchlight. Catchlight is the reflective highlights in a subject’s eyes that adds life and makes the photo more interesting.

Long Pants – To protect from insect and snake bites.

Half Sleeves – To deflect UV rays and protect arms from sunburn.

Neckerchief – To keep back of neck from getting sunburnt.

Fisherman’s Hat – To protect face from sunburn and cut out sun flare.

Sounds like I’m a wuss when it comes to shooting nature. Well, I used to be all macho-dory and don’t bother with sunblock and covering up during shoots. But after getting terribly burnt from shoots each time, I finally surrendered to Mother Nature and let her dictate what I should wear.

And I pray she’ll let me have a chance to model my outfit this weekend.

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