Countdown to Hong Kong : – 1 Day


Finally it is the night before the trip! Less than 12 hours to lift-off! I wonder what adventures I will have.

My luggage is all packed and sitting in a corner of my room… passport checked, wallet filled, NSman overseas trip notified, travel insurance incepted… now all there is to do is hope I can fall asleep amidst all the excitement. Our flight is departing at 8:00 am and by noon, we can blow a kiss to Hong Kong’s bay area lips!

However, one thing unsettles me. It is the weather. Looks like the island is not spared the wrath of Typhoon Chanthu.

Hopefully, good weather will be restored soon. Think I better make wet weather plans and have an alternative indoor itinerary. Instead of all that outdoor sightseeing, I should plan one that visits the museums, temples and malls just in case. The good thing with a destination like Hong Kong is that there is no lack of things to do.

Well, I better get to making plans for a rainy day and pack an umbrella into my luggage before I forget…

Wait a minute. Where’s my luggage?! It’s not at the corner where I left it?

All set to go!

I found it in the living room, staring longingly at the open door. Not yet, my eager friend. Not yet. We still have the night to pull through. There, there… be patient and come back to the room. (Gosh… I’m starting to talk to my luggage. I better be in Hong Kong soon before I go completely bonkers!)


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