Light Painting with iPad

The camera is an amusement park for light and photography, a record of its playtime. If daylight is its gentle cruise on a carousel spinning from sunrise, bright noon to sunset, then dusk would be when light goes on a wild rollercoaster ride.

Having just picked up photography seriously a year ago, I consider myself a baby in this art of light, but from my various outings and practise shoots, I find night photography to be the most exciting. I used to hate taking photos at night because they either turn out black with just a few snorts of street lamps, or the harsh flash made everything look artificial.

But with the lessons and my trusty Nikon D90, I’m having fun with night photography now, particularly in experimenting with light painting. And I thought I’d seen it all with light painting until I saw this video about long exposure and using the iPad to create 3D photos. I’m sure the effect can be achieved with less hassle using Photoshop and other 3D imaging softwares, but this interesting combination of technology opens up another dimension in imagination.

So instead of using fire, torches, laser pointers, light sticks or sparklers to create light paintings, how about using laptops and handphones? It is time to add more park attractions for light to play with!

I don’t own an iPad so I guess my ASUS netbook will have to do.


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