Urban Homme : Percentages Don’t Lie!

It is not very often that one can say, “I’m happy that I’m old.” But last night, my age came in really useful because without it, I wouldn’t have the pleasure to reminisce. If I wasn’t born in the 70s to be in time to grow up during the 80s, I would’ve missed out on all that cheesy, orh-bit (Hokkien for ‘tacky’) fun of the decade! Who could forget the music of Stock Aitken Waterman, teenyboppers, and that fashion trend that should never be revived?

The universal language of retro music brought us together. I have no idea who they are, but we all know shoulder pads, baggy pants, & scrunchies!

The Retrolicious Concert at Fort Canning last night made it feels sooooo good to be in my mid-30s. We were freed to be Electric Youths once again to the big hits of Johnny Hates Jazz, Debbie Gibson, and Rick Ashley. But after the music has stopped, the beer lost its high, and I woke up with a slight hangover this morning, I swear I would do anything to Turn Back the Clock.

And yes, help is on my way! Today, 10/10/10 marks the first step of an age-reversing transformation… a journey that will be spurred on by the skin and body treatments provided by Urban Homme Singapore through the month-long Urban Homme Icon Challenge. I’m curious to see how much change can be achieved in just 4 weeks with them. But first, I have to attend the skin and body analysis this morning at 9:45 am. Last night’s late partying immediately showed on my analysis results.

Our skin & body analysis were done in these skimpy bathrobes and boxer shorts. But don't salivate yet, our pre-treatment state would have you covering your eyes. Well, at least in my case.

This morning’s session was the first time I met all the other five finalists together and they are a really nice bunch of guys to know. This being the first-ever approach to market men’s spa through the real-life accounts of six regular guys through blog entries, we could say we are the pioneers… the brotherhood of the creams.

So what did the brotherhood go through during today’s session to set the baseline for our transformation? In-depth skin analysis that determined our skin’s moisture level, evenness and type, and a body analysis that exposed our BMI, body fat content and amount of water retention.

Having my skin analysis done. Thankfully I didn't have breakfast so I have nothing to throw up. Gosh, my skin looked so gross!

Because I woke up late and in part due to the fact that we’ll be taking our BMI, I cheated by not having breakfast. It may have helped. My BMI was within the normal range, which it has been for many years, but I was surprised that my body fat was normal too. Body fat is not determined by how physically fat one is, but by how much fat there is in the body compared to muscles. So even skinny guys can have high body fat. And I have crossed the line at my last check some years back.

After face, we had our waistline, body composition and thigh measurements taken. Talk about a body of evidence! Mine's showing up the exhibits of beers, buffets, & long hours of blogging...

The other thing that surprised me was that I have a water retention problem. Wha?! I am under the impression that water retention is more of a women’s problem. All six of us have water retention problems. I guess men aren’t from Mars, and women aren’t from Venus afterall. We’re both from Mercury (水星 water planet).

Always not meeting the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, I thought I would be dehydrated, not having a pool party for my organs! But according to Benson, high salt intake causes water retention in the body. So watch the salt. Or drink more water to flush it out?

Look front, turn left, turn right... We had to profile our pre-treatment skin and body conditions on video. I hope the camera doesn't shoot in High Definition. And I hope Daniel won't kill me for posting this pic!

As a way of showing the authencity of our transformation results, our face and body were videoed. No photos were taken at all! Photos can be doctored by Photoshop, with videos, it’s almost impossible to cheat especially since we’re not filmed against a green screen. And the cameraman never give chance one. Every scar and cranny was filmed.

I was made to turn my face a couple of times so that we could capture clearly the scar on my face. I have a scar on my top right eyebrow. It’s embarassing how I got it so I won’t go into details… Is that the sound of your curiosity I’m hearing? Okay, since you want to know, and not that I have diahorrea fingers, I shall reveal… I walked into the edge of an open door. It split my flesh open and left a gash. It happened about 8 years ago.

With all the video-ing, what it means is that what you see, is what you get. I can’t wait to see my before and after videos! I hope the after version is HD worthy.

The bathrobe could hardly contain our full bodied Peter. Looks like Emeric is trying to memorise the brochure so as not to stare at, err, Peter's manliness?

As for my skin, the in-depth analysis showed that my left side is drier than my right side with 25% moisture compared to 37% and my T-zone (forehead and nose) is oily (49%). That gives me a combination skin type which is typical of tropical Asians, especially Singaporeans. Our hot and humid weather causes excess sebum overall but when we sleep, excess moisture from the sides of our face gets absorbed into our pillows. Unless we sleep like a corpse, most of us, men and women alike will have combination to oily skin.

On top of that, many of us work in air-conditioned environments which is very dehydrating. So the skin gets confused. Outside is humid, inside its dry. So what to do? Create rojak skin type lor. Through the treatment, we’ll try to achieve an even 37% moisture thoughout my face.

Here's Benson giving a Michelin-class reply to our 2 interview questions - Do you know you have these skin problems & how they affected you? Again, I can't recall what I said except something about Photoshop.

The next test was for skin evenness. In other words, how smooth my skin is. My left side fared slightly better than my right side but the worst was my nose. It has 100% unevenness! Not surprising because I’m aware that the pores on my nose are huge craters.

When blackheads accumulate at the end of a day, I can see them visibly in the mirror. And they look even more revolting under the magnifying eye of the skin anaylsis machine. I just so wanna stick one of those black and whiteheads removal strip over my nose and yank them out. But that’s not advisable because in the long-run, the pore-size can get even bigger.

So it seems that the prudent way is to shrink the pore sizes to reduce the amount of dirt accumulated in the openings rather than a quick-fix to remove the blemishes but not the source of the problem. Hopefully Urban Homme can shrink the my nose’s pore sizes or make them appear smaller.

We all have high hopes for Urban Homme to fix our skin & body problems & it'll be an even greater challenge to improve something already so good like Dennis. Urban Homme, are you feeling stressed yet?

After going through the surprising finds from the analysis of both face and body, we were interviewed about the discoveries. I for one found the use of these machines to provide a scientific, measurable way to chart a treatment course for the problem areas to be very professional. Although I suspect I have combination skin, the tests today confirmed it. But I didn’t know my cheeks were that dry because I do moisturise daily. Maybe my current skin condition is due to the fact that I had too much sun in Bali just less than a week ago.

My other skin problem, a problem caused by skincare ignorance in my younger days, is pigmentation. I used to love suntanning and never once touched sunblock. Not anymore. But the damage is done and now, hopefully my skin tone will even out with the treatments.

This is an exciting time. It is exciting because this could be my last chance to achieve my dream physique with 6-pack abs and skin so smooth, ants with not be able to climb on. Will the brotherhood and I get to cheat the percentages at the end of our treatments? Stay tuned to our blog entries to find out…


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  1. Scot
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 03:50:45

    Rick Ashley is still great!


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