Urban Homme : Burn Belly Burn

Hot! Hot! Hot! That summed up the series of inferno treatments I went through at Urban Homme‘s The Cocoon studio today. I totally needed that. Since posting up the photo of me looking like some latex gym ball in my last entry, I’ve been getting calls, smses and Facebook emails from friends and readers bemusing the impression they have of me, a tone-fit guy, and the actual size of my belly. I’ve already warned earlier that the Urban Homme Icon Challenge will expose all my problems right? Now you know the real me.

But a BIG thanks to everyone for your reactions to the photo, it lets me know you’re reading. 🙂 And your shock fuels my will to drive to burn off that belly even more. In the last five days, I’ve cut my carbo consumption and increased gym time. Hopefully I can stick to it because it’s a lot of sore muscles and the pain of giving up food, and my passion for eating lots of it. So please continue to encourage me. Thanks!

This is the front view of my pre-treatment bulging tummy. It was taken during my first body trimming session last Wednesday (20 Oct 2010).

My session today was super long as I’ll be missing treatments for a week while I’m away in Ko Samed and Bangkok. Will I be able to resist the temptation of frolicking in Samed’s aquamarine waters and that fatty but absolutely delicious Thai pork knuckle rice? Vince gave me strict orders to stay out of the sun and keep up with my skincare regime. This is the first time I’m travelling with more facial products than clothes. Not young anymore, so I should really take care of the damage damn-age.

So, what are the fat busting treatments I had today? First of all it’s my good pal, the LPG machine, to warm up my body and also to turn on my lymphatic function to detox mode. Again, I was pinched all over but this second encounter wasn’t as painful. After that, I was introduced to a new machine…

Advanced Wave Frequency (WF) Slimming

The fame of this machine precedes it. I was told that it guarantees taking off at least 0.5 inch off the waistline. Vince told me that the highest record they ever achieved at Urban Homme was 1.5 inch in just one session!

Warning to All Fat Cells : This is James. When you meet him, you are doomed. He holds in his hand the thermally lethal WF gun that will reduce waist circumference by 0.5 to 1.5 inches GUARANTEED. So fats, there's nowhere you can hide. Resistance is futile!

With clinically proven results in just one session, it’s hard not to anticipate how much I would lose. How it works is by sending radio frequency waves deep into the dermal and subcutaneous tissues to dissolve fat cells by causing them to heat up and burn.

The process involves James, my body therapist for the day, first measuring the temperature of my ab area and then running the sonic gun over it. There’s no pain, but at some parts, it got too hot and I experienced some stinging burns. But these burns weren’t like those caused by fire and there was no injury or wounds.

The WF machine waisted no time in trimming my mid-section. Does my tummy look smaller than the pre-treatment pic. And I didn't suck in my tummy when having it taken.

From what I gathered, the acute burning sensation happened because some of the parts may retain residual heating effects when the WF pass through it the first time and when it runs over the same area again, the acute burning sensation occurs. As the heating is somewhat like that of a microwave oven and not fire, the ‘burning’ didn’t cause any harm to me.

The above photo was taken after I had the WF treatment. I don’t know how many inches I’ve lost but when I measured at home, my waist is size 30 no more… I lost about 1 inch! But I don’t know if it’s the sole effect of the WF machine or the combined outcome of all the treatments because after WF, I was given another treatment where I was wrapped up like a mummy.

Detoxification & Drainage Programme

When James told me many clients have a love-hate relationship with this programme, I was wondering why. I found the warm hug of the thermal blanket comfortable and relaxing. I was enjoying it. Then 20-minutes laer, I wanted to jump out!

It got hot, I was perspiring profusely, my heart was pounding like I’d just ran 2.4km and I can’t move. I almost panicked. James came in a couple of times to check if I was ok. I assured him each time there wasn’t a nary of the problem and I was doing just fine. But I was not. It’s an inferno in here! I must be burning in hell for lying.

Felt like I was the emperor herbal chicken soup dish being marinated with dead sea mud, wrapped in plastic, then covered up by the aluminium foil. I was literally cooking under the blanket. Darren soup... anyone?

But when I felt the prespiration dripping off my body and my lower abs totally sunken, I endured. Finally, after 40 minutes, I was free! Normally, a treatment takes only half an hour but James decided to extend mine for 10 more minutes because I only started to heat up quite late into the treatment.

What this programme does is to encourage the body’s natural metabolism rate to increase so as to burn fat and drain toxins out of the body. By the end of it, I left behind a huge puddle pool of sweat. And I’ve never felt better!

But I wasn’t the only one feeling better. Daniel had his facial session today and when I saw him afterwards, I was so jealous. That guy’s skin was like a baby’s bottom and he’s four years older than me!

Check out Daniel's clear and radiant complexion after his facial treatment... Skin so smooth, even my camera wants to smooch!

Actually, I didn’t fare too bad either. After my two facial treatments last week, my friends who saw me over the weekend during a friend’s wedding all had good things to say. I’ll share more about the facial treatments in later posts. For now, I shall re-check that I’ve brought my sunblock, hats and long-sleeved tees.

Can you imagine going to a beautiful beach resort and you can’t swim or play sea sports? This holiday is going to be a test of will. If I succeed, it would’ve been a dead boring holiday. If I don’t, well, you’ll see some sunburnt pot-bellied pics here next week.


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