Life’s Good When… ;-)

… you get great perks for doing what you love!

I have the immense privilege of being invited by Korean electronics giant, LG to participate in its Life’s Good Ambassador Challenge recently and voting has already started! So people, can I trouble you to work your fingers and click votes for me again? Thanks in advance 🙂

The Ambassador Challenge is a 7-week campaign organised by social media marketer ONE9NINETY to search for a Singaporean blogger / efluencer to be LG’s Life’s Good Ambassador. More details about this innovative campaign can be found in the following video…

Before I go into further details about the challenge, I would like to share with you this interesting fact about ONE9NINETY. The company derived its named from the 1% influencer rule of the internet culture. According to the theory, 1% of net users are content creators, 9% will respond or participate by posting reactions (eg. Facebook ‘Likes’ or leaving a comment for a blog), and the majority 90% will just be eyeballs, look but don’t do anything. Would the 100% of you be my 9% please?

For the challenge, I’ll be sharing about what does “Life’s Good” mean to me. It could be something that happened to me during the course of the contest period or it could be moments that occurred in the past but I’m seeing them with “Life’s Good” eyes for the first time.

To vote, please click here. Click on all my posted photos and vids and click the ‘VOTE’ button below them. Also, do ‘Like’ the LGMobileAsia Facebook fanpage and stand a chance to win a LG phone in a weekly draw!

LG Optimus One Smartphone

One of the best perks for being selected to take part in the challenge is that I got the all-new LG Optimus One phone to keep! And it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. You see, I’m terribly afraid of technology and it takes me forever to learn a new gadget. But I was on ther verge of getting an iPhone 4 after seeing all the fun my friends are having with computing power on the palm.

Actually, I’ve gotten the earlier generations of iPhones before. The first iPhone I bought, I got it as a birthday gift for an ex-someone special. The second one I got was a prize for winning a company-wide marketing proposal contest. Being afraid of it, I sold the iPhone 3 for S$950. However, I felt the time is ripe for me to overcome my fear of the smartphone. And along came LG Optimus One.

I couldn’t have been happier. Not because it is free, but for the fact that it is so easy to use for someone who’s never used a handphone that’s more than just keypads and a small screen. Having used it for some time, here’re my thoughts about the Optimus One…

I’ve not used any other smartphones so I have no basis for comparison, but frankly, the Optimus One serves my needs, it got me to sow and harvest online contents on the go and keeps me entertained for hours. I’m sure all smartphones can do it and iPhone lovers would say that Apple makes the whole experience better.

But of course, this is not an apple to apple (pun intended) comparison because Optimus One is an entry level smartphone targeted at anyone thinking about switching to the binary side. Retailing at around S$400 without a telephony contract, this phone packs all the quinessential smartphone features without emptying the pocket. And the best thing is that the Android platform supports mp3, Flash and other media formats without the need to convert to the file type Apple monopolises. I’m a tech idiot remember? I don’t think I can survive the hiccups of conversion. Should anything go wrong, I won’t know how to rectify it.

My only grouse with it is the lack of a flash for the camera. The camera can take pretty decent pics across different lighting conditions but a flash would really help in extreme low-light conditions. Being a photography enthusiast, I think the camera lens would be better preserved if there’s a sliding lens cover to protect it. Then again, I may be asking for too much of what the phone’s intended purpose is. And that is to make it easy for technology ape-folks like me!

For the tech-savvy you, please vote for me to be LG’s Life’s Good Ambassador. You can cast a vote daily would really appreciate your support. Here’s wishing you every of life’s best moments!


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