Sum (Some) of My Life’s Good Moments

Ever since joining the LG Life’s Good Ambassador Challenge, I’ve been seeing moments in my life, both past and present, with different eyes. For the challenge, we have to post 3 photos or videos every Wednesday for 7 weeks.

Here’s a consolidation of all my submitted entries. If you’ve voted and supported me in this challenge, please accept my most sincere gratitude. A BIG THANK YOU! I’ve gotten over 500 votes which is modest compared to the thousands some of the contestants received, but I’m heartened that you continued to root for me despite the near impossibility of catching up with them.

There are many things that make life good and different strokes work for different folks so this collection is just what came across my mind when I’m encountering something new or reminiscing about past events in light of the Life’s Good campaign.

When I first started creating entries for the challenge, I have this constant thought, “How the not-heaven am I going to have life’s good moments to share for 7 weeks?!” But as I slowly developed the habit of looking at the positive side of every situation, I began to realise 7 weeks is not enough for me to share the full extend of what Life’s Good means to me.

Life’s indeed good when we search for the bright side no matter how dim that may be. And sometimes, the good doesn’t manifest itself immediately but over time, in retrospect, the bad could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. So long as we keep an open mind and believe Life’s Good, the Law of Attraction has a way of ensuring it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

May our lives be good… always.


In the past 7 weeks, I’ve shared with you my Life’s Good moments or what I think they should be. Alot of the contents are Singapore-based or of the opinion of me, a Singaporean guy. In this last series of entries, I just want to simply summarise what’s life here is like… and it is GOOD!

WEEK 6 (01 Dec 10) – SIMPLICITY

I asked on Facebook some time ago what does Life’s Good mean and the responses I got were really surprising. Almost all who replied deemed Life’s Good as having the ability to count our blessings and appreciate all the simplest things in life. So these entries are all about my simple daily delights… 😉

WEEK 5 (24 Nov 10) – IRONY

I’ve been thinking about the ironies of life the whole week and how sometimes things happen opposite to our expectations. So this week’s entries are about opposites. Life’s Good when there are ironies so that we can be surprised by good outcomes, and bring out the good in us when the situations can be improved.


Took part in a face and body makeover contest recently and had the great honour of winning! Life’s Good when a guy my age has a chance to look better. Check out my earlier posts for a step-by-step look at the whole transformation journey. Look for blog titles beginning with Urban Homme.

WEEK 3 (10 Nov 10) – FAMILY

My family is a BIG part of me so this week’s Life’s Good moments will be the fun in my family. Not many parents are willing to do crazy stuff with you. Mine do. 😉

WEEK 2 (3 Nov 10) – STRENGTH

Spent a week in Thailand recently and I’m inspired by the things people do to make their lives good… even in the face of adversity.

WEEK 1 (27 Oct 10) – OPTIMUS

I’m a tech idiot and this is my experience with the LG Optimus One smartphone! Love the relatively sharp images captured by the phone in different lighting conditions and the free special effects photo app – FX Camera.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Xtine
    Dec 12, 2010 @ 01:02:49

    SUPER OBSCENE!! You in that grey suit. LOL. I will bookmark you now. Add me on MSN…email as in what i filled up in your comment form.


    • Darren Ng
      Dec 12, 2010 @ 03:14:24

      obscene meh? can’t help it if God intended me to go for anatomy reduction one day… or never! lol… gosh, i just started reading ur blog & omg, u’re hilarious! sharp wit, no bullsh*t & good looks… no wonder no man dare to date u!


  2. kamel
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 23:32:33

    I lick the picturse you have a riel lifes good


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