F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 02

So You Think You Can Dance gets a Step Up in Singapore with the second instalment of the F&N Dance Delight… and I was there to get groovy with all that leg-swishing action! It’s a day where gravity lost its effect.

Held on 26 Feb 2011 at Scape, the competition attracted more than 40 street-dance ensembles from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. The prize? A chance to represent Singapore in the 18th Dance Delight competition in Osaka, Japan.

Alot went on during the preliminaries and here’s a pictorial anecdote of what I managed to dig into…

Sponsored by F&N Sparkling Drinks, the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 semi-finals took place on the level 4 Sky Terrace of Scape. The finals will be held at Sentosa's Wave House on 12 Mar 2011. Tickets at S$20 each are on sale at O School.

Storm clouds may be looming and rain came before the competition started, but the spirit of fun was not doused one bit. It's our attitude that helps us survive bad weather. And they've got it with a capital 'A'!

No kidding. This group has got some nifty moves that blended the comic of mime with the staccato precision of hip hop moves. Watching them rehearse was ha-ha delightful!

I think it's really great that the youths in Singapore has so many different ways of expressing themselves today. Back when I was growing up, cha-cha was the hippest dance & I had to tie a towel around my neck to pretend to be Superman & Batman. Now they have such mangalicious costumes!

The electric youths of this generation multi-tasks with ease. They don't just dance to their choreographed steps but work their facial expressions and attitudes to the max. I think dance is more than just getting the choreography right but constantly connecting and stirring the audiences' emotions.

What an amazing turnout! The place was packed with supporters and dance enthusiasts that charged the atmosphere with an exuberance of the kinetic kind. Unfortunately, the rain fell like a wet blanket over the party and we shifted to an impromptu dance hall on level five.

Instead of using words to describe the action and the freeze-frame of photos to show what went on, I shall let the video below do the talking. There’re more than 40 teams but the clip features just a few of them that I managed to catch.

The competition segments were recorded with the songs that the teams danced to but Youtube muted the audio for copyright reasons. So I had to use its AudioSwap function to lay a track on this clip instead. I think the replacement music sounds pretty in sync with the dance steps although having their original tracks would definitely define their movements much better. Nonetheless, hope you’ll enjoy it and be impressed with how these young people can dance!

To watch the video with the original soundtracks, please click the following Facebook link :

I remember back in my junior college days when I served as the Chairman of the dance section for the Chinese Language Drama and Dance Society (CLDDS), and I used to choreograph and perform dances like these. But of course not as stylo-mylo as them. My schoolmates and I would gather at the school hall after class hours and on weekends to rehearse. In those days, there weren’t dance competitions of this scale and we mostly just sweat it out for a few minutes of fame during school assemblies or festive performances.

My fingers can still feel the hours spent fast-forwarding and rewinding videotapes (yes, it’s very tedious) to learn steps and then simplifying them so that all us teenagers with 2 left feet can put up a credible dance routine and have a good time. Looking at the creativity and innovative body movements of contestants in Dance Delight 2, my mind was boggled by how much things have evolved. For the better. I was born two decades too early!

I’ve never witnessed street dancing “live” and this experience really opened my eyes to its appeal. I wonder if any of the teams would recruit an uncle like me to join. This bon-bon still has some boogie left in it. For now, in an attempt to relive those memories where I could fly and my knee caps don’t crack, let me defy gravity too with jump shots during F&N Dance Delight Vol. 2 in celebration of all things youth and dance!

For more photos of the event, please click here.

For more info, details and updates on cool contests and F&N events, you can groove on to the following links :



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jassy
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 23:43:44

    wow…i love watching dance contests 🙂 especially if it’s asian…hehe


    • Darren Ng
      Mar 01, 2011 @ 10:16:05

      it’s my first time and i can totally understand why you love watching them :o) haven’t seen non-Asian ones so no basis to tell the difference but i thought it would be more exciting watching the American ones since street dancing pretty much originated there?


  2. edmund
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 00:15:20

    Nice write-up with creative pictures ! I believe that u have a good chance to be one of the selected bloggers! 🙂


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