Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011

Now I know what it feels like to be Paris Hilton or any jet-setting celeb who parties out of a suitcase (minus the shenanigans). And the feeling’s simply terrific!

Imagine being flown to another city, lodged into a classy 5-star hotel, wined-and-dined at some of the most happening boutique restaurants, just to attend an exclusive V-VIP dance party… that’s like being handed the holy grail of the clubber’s bible!

For the socialites and crème de la crème of the entertainment circuit, this kind of treatment may be a drink of water but for a nobody like me, it’s something I’m still showering my karmic angels with kisses for. I am so very grateful. If I sound like I’m gushing here, please bear with me. This is the first time I’ve ever been invited on a party-and-blog stint overseas. Kuala Lumpur isn’t very far away, but to be inducted into the Johnnie Walker entourage is something to holler about because when the world’s number one Scotch whiskey brand says it’s a V-VIP experience, it REALLY is.

The bigshot feeling started at the airport where each of us was given a very nice party accessory that also acted as an entry ‘pass’ to the Black Circuit Lounge event (if you have no idea what this event is about, please visit my pre-trip entry here). The guys were given a stylish money-clip while the gals received an exquisite necklace with a pendant in the shape of Johnnie Walker’s trademark Striding Man. There’s a set of numbers behind each of these welcome gifts and were used to gain admittance at the venue. What a clever way to combine a party invite with a functional keepsake to remember the event by. So, was the event memorable?

Is a blue sky blue? A black swan black? Grass green? And I’m handsome? Haha… gotcha!

Matters of opinion are always subjective but I did find the party to be memorable. I’m not paying lip-service because I was well-hosted for the event; neither is my favourable impression a result of my propensity to dance even to your handphone’s ringtone if I have enough alcohol in me, but as a comparison to the big parties I’ve been to. The party was packed so I guess that speaks of its standards.

Anyway, here’re some photos and a video that illustrate my checkpoints of fun during Black Circuit Lounge 2011…

The venue was located within The MINES Resort City at Seri Kembangan, about 30 mins by car from KL city centre depending on traffic conditions. The out-of-city location added a shroud of mystery as to what the actual set-up looks like.

The party space was created with a huge tent erected on an empty plot near the Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel. The ultra posh hotel is a nominee at this year's World Luxury Hotel Awards. The whole look and feel of the Black Circuit Lounge was alright but I much preferred it to be non-smoking inside the tent.

Totally in love with the awesome lasers, lighting placement & chereography. As the venue was medium sized, the lights filled the whole space nicely without it being too blinding or having not enough length for the laser beams to really stretch.

Posing with the iconic Johnnie Walker Striding Man and the sizzling lady, Fadilah. And here's my version of the Twin Towers with the Black & Gold labels. The Black Label has a blend of about 40 whiskies aged at least 12 years old while the Gold Label is a blend of around 15 single malts bottled at 15 or 18 years. The Gold Label commands a prestige second only to the most expensive bottle in the Johnnie Walker collection... the Blue Label. Each bottle is individually serialised & sold in a silk-lined box. I shall go Blue to celebrate my 40th birthday!

About 1,400 V-VIP guests turned up for the party & there were iPad stations for us to post updates on Facebook. I felt that the guests at Black Circuit Lounge in Malaysia embraced spontaneity & bizarre antics better than those at the Jet Black Party in Singapore.

Good looking people with a wide body vocabulary of beautiful grooves were everywhere. It's like a model bomb exploded in there! I left the party with a crust of sugar on my pupils from all those eye candies. Even my companions for the trip were head-turners that will cause vision diabetes. Seek doctor's advice before seeing the next 2 pics. They may raise blood pressure & cause hyperventilation. Ha.

In the company of social influencers. (Left to right) Simran from online news portal She handles the Plush section which according to her, requires her to party all the time & write about them. Sounds like the best job in the world! Next to her are singers Vanessa (formerly a DJ with 98.7FM under the moniker Ms Vandetta) & Alicia who's a health nut with an irrepressible energy. Then there's Fadilah who I owe my invite to; & Jak, Brand Manager for Johnnie Walker. These 2 are only in their 20s but they're really good at what they do... people with substance. At the back are Charlie & her husband who were my unit mates at the Ascott serviced apartments where we put up. Hope they weren't traumatised by having spent the night with me.

More of the who who's I went with. Top left : We are joined by Harry, who deejays for Power 98FM & a really funny guy! Top right : With the bubbly & effervescent Maggie Tan, a familiar face in the Singapore modelling arena, & Christopher Pua, Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2007. (Note to self : Never stand next to this guy when taking photos. He amplifies the Big Mac effect of my face.) Bottom left : Thumbs up for Eugene, our photographer for the night. Bottom right : With 2 of the 3 blogger dollies - Yee Kit & Jocelyn. Looking at them was like seeing Japanese anime characters come to life! Check out their blogs at,, &

Never drink & drive. Johnnie Walker stands by this reminder very seriously. I posted a shoutout on my Facebook before the trip to jokingly say that since 'I don't drive, I'm gonna drink till I can't walk.' Very promptly, I received an email to remind me of Johnnie Walker's advocacy in responsible drinking. So, Keep Walking if you've been drinking! That's good advice from the car.

I was recovering from a bout of flu just before departing for the 3D2N trip so I was rather deanimated most of the time from meds to stop the sniffles. But the party managed to inject life into me despite my limbs feeling like they weighed a ton!

For giving me the premium experience of V-VIP partying, I would like to thank the good folks at Johnnie Walker who took very good care of us. To Simran and Fadilah, I am regretful about the puke facial I gave you gals, but I hope your complexions are glowing now. Muahahaha 😀

For super class partying, Step Inside the Circuit of Johnnie Walker’s premium Scotch whiskies…

For more photos of the event and this trip to KL with quick quips on places to eat, please click here. If you’d like to be informed of upcoming Johnnie Walker parties and get a chance to be invited to these fabulous events, click here to join the Johnnie Walker Singapore Facebook fanpage!


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  1. Valentine
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 16:46:25

    Wah..why u so ho meah ah?


  2. yeekit
    May 05, 2011 @ 21:09:45

    Hello! googled johnnie walker and found your blog! haha, nice entry!!! :))


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