New Travel Blog – Explore Life Lah!

Today is my mother’s birthday. To mark this special day, I’m giving ‘birth’ too… to a new travel blog, Explore Life Lah!

Thank you so much for supporting Celebrate Life Lah! all this while and I hope my lifestyle posts have managed to connect with you in some ways. As you can see, of the many topics that I ramble about here, a large part has been travel-related entries. I had the good fortune of going on some sponsored trips coupled with an increased frequency of overseas trips in the last 2 years. From these vacations, I’ve accumulated a backlog of tips and information I hope to share.

For a while now, I’ve felt the need for the travel topics to set up their own home. Here are 2 reasons why :

– Smoother continuation for story flow. In the process of continuing to clear my backlog of travel posts, it’s confusing for me to put up multiple entries about the same place weeks or months apart with a bunch of unrelated blog chatterings in-between. For you who follow the travel stories (thank you very much for following!), I believe it’s confusing for you just as it is for me.

– Streamlining for easier research. Before I go on a trip, I usually search the web for information about the destinations and attractions. Some of these sites have really given me great help so this is my way of ‘contributing back’ to the travelling community by adding another voice that could hopefully help in itinerary planning.

Travel stories, tips, advice, reviews and photos...

While I’ve thought about birthing Explore Life Lah! for a while, I only started working on it after I returned from my Western Mediterranean fly-cruise trip a week ago. So a lot of the things are still works-in-progress. More destinations will be added as I start to port my previous travel posts from this site to their new home. Blogspot doesn’t have an import button like WordPress does so it’s a tedious process of transferring post by post over.

Why don’t I just use WordPress for Explore Life Lah! and make it easier on myself? Well, like the title of the travel blog suggests, I wanted t explore another blog service. There are things that Blogspot does better than WordPress, and vice versa. For one, Blogspot has better apps support than WordPress, but images takes a slightly longer time to download compared to WordPress. When you visit Explore Life Lah!, do wait a moment for the images to load completely.

Once again, thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ll find the new travel site to be worth your while visiting. To visit Explore Life Lah!, please click here. Thank you.


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