Is Singapore Becoming a Nation on Reality TV?

Wake up, and be a star! Now we can get our narcissistic fix right at our doorstep and guaranteed that someone’s watching.

When I left my flat today, I was greeted by a camera pointing right at me. A security camera. It seemed to have been installed overnight. I didn’t see the cam yesterday but today, my neighbour and I have our very own paparazzi!

Who's watching us? Is this a working survelliance camera or just a shell to deter would-be criminals?

I live in one of the few remaining point blocks in Singapore, which are public housing developments with 4 units per level. There’s one household in each corner and we share a central lift landing. This camera is installed at one side, facing the doors of mine and my neighbour’s unit. In my haste to leave for work, I didn’t turn around to see if another camera was also installed at my side to point at the doors of my other 2 neighbours. But I think there should be because this camera won’t be able to keep the 2 units behind it in survelliance.

While I believe the security cameras were installed for good intentions, I think it’s a little too much. We have cameras in the lifts, and now, we have cameras outside our doors too. Makes me feel like the very criminals the cameras are intended to catch living under such a watchful eye.

Has our open-door policy to foreign talents increased neighbourhood crime rates? Is it our low birth rates leading to a deficient supply to the police force that the cams are in place? Perhaps our Town Councils have too much budget to clear before the financial year? Or is this a plan to groom Singaporeans into a nation of reality TV stars?!


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  1. jassy
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 22:56:00

    it’s bothersome if it is installed inside the house/bedroom/bathroom 🙂 singapore is a rich country, it can afford surveillance cameras 🙂


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