Let Your Creativity Break Free and Win!

The best way to have a break right where you are, any time, any place, is to daydream. And here is a good reason for you to let your imagination run wild! Share something creative that you think will help give others a break and you could win a S$200 Kit Kat hamper. It can be a photo, video, joke, quote, song or short story that originated from you or something you came across. The key is that it gave you a break and you think it will do the same for someone else.

For videos, please send only the link where you’ve uploaded or came across the vid not the video file. Likewise for photos, I would appreciate a low-res version (72 dpi, max. 540 pixels in width) so as not to jam up my mailbox. You may include a short caption or explanation (max. 150 words) with your entry. I know creativity is free-flow but please do not send anything that will make me blush!

In your email subject / title, please indicate “Share a Break” and let me have your name, address and contact number so that I can contact you if you are the winner. Don’t worry, I won’t sell your info or stalk you!

I hope you’ll spare a minute to participate. There’s no limit on the number of entries and I’ll post your best submissions here weekly right up to 31 July 2011 (Sunday). So start letting your creativity flow and share a break with others!


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