Showin’ Singapore Some Lovin’

Hope you all had a good break during National Day and showed some love to our nation! While you all relax and enjoy the National Day Parade, I was soaked in sweat until my underwear was very wet having fun at the parade venue. Instead of hunting for trigger-worthy moments, some of us NDP appointed photographers turned the cameras on ourselves and created our intepretation of The Singapore Spirit!

喜事成双!All good things must come in doubles! Siow Har is getting happily stars-struck.

Bang bang yee-ha! My birthday wish for Singapore, "Gallop ahead of competitions and may adversities be far behind!"

Jumpin' Jasmine spreads her luuurrrrrvvve for Singapore!

Zookeeper trying to reign in an escaped gorilla?!

Oh, it's just King Kong Ken wishing Singapore to 一飞冲天!Once fly hit the sky!

An 'S' jump because 'S' is for Staci and Singapore! Stay Super, Singapore!

Here's Winson's wholesome take on living in Singapore. Yeah, it can be a pain in the ( ! ) sometimes, but we are lovin' it!

May all Singaporeans enjoy more quality breaks and have a sweet life! Can be new poster boy for Kit Kat or not huh?... Ooi! Don't puke!

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

Aren’t the shots fun? Finally we get to have a break from shooting the audience and show to get our own NDP 2011 memories recorded. Thanks for all the great times during the series of NDP shoots that are a test of endurance and photographic dexterity.

But with passion, we made it. Just as Singapore made it through all the odds! That’s The Singapore Spirit!


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