SOAR – Sanity Over Agonising Realities

We all face hard times. Real or imagined. As a result of another’s actions, act of God, or self-inflicted.

But I believe, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Past tragedies that weigh us down, once shed, will make us feel lighter over current and future woes. I dare say this because I’ve been through many hells. Friends who I confide in know the roads that I’ve walked are nothing short of being extraordinary (not trying to be smug about my encounters because I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on my worst enemies).

I realise that when you’ve gone through so many tribulations, you no longer fear them. I have a certain nonchalance about life now. Neither great joys nor sorrows affect me for very long. And that’s when wings of self-realisation grow.

I accept who I am, I’m okay if others don’t understand me, and I’m aware of the problems with me. I am comfortable in my own skin but that doesn’t mean I’m complacent about being insatiable in continuing to grow as a person.

Oh gosh, all these self exorcism after a conversation with someone whom I asked to be shared a secret with. When a secret is shared enough of times, it no longer stays as something that locks us in. Of course, it’s never an end state as new secrets develop along the course of life.

But I think, so long as we are no longer afraid because we draw strength from what we’ve survived through, then what we don’t want others to see will manifest as the wind beneath someone else’s wings, and we all scale the heights of this lifetime together.


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  1. jassy
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 00:34:46

    insightful post 🙂


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