Day 030 : Sick Dollars

First Medical Certificate of the year. May it be the last.

My company changed to the AIA corporate group medical insurance (under Fullerton healthcare) in the beginning of 2012 and the usual clinic I go to wasn’t one of the participating panel of doctors. I’ve been seeing my doctor whose clinic is just opposite my place for years as he’s with our previous corporate insurer, TM Asia Life.

Under the old plan, there’s a co-payment of S$5.00 each time I see him. So my blood pressure shot up when I saw the bill of S$57.35. I’m getting the same medications when I saw him on all those previous occasions. I have no idea each visit costs so much!

With AIA, I don’t have to pay anything if I consult its listed doctors and for unauthorised clinics, I can claim up to S$40.00. But I heard AIA has a standard prescribed drug list which its doctors need to adhere to when dispensing treatments. TM Asia Life doesn’t have a list so its doctors are free to give according what they think is best for a patient.

Maybe as an experiment, the next time I’m having the same symptoms, I’ll consult an AIA-approved doctor and see what kind of pills I get and if I could request for the same medicines.

That means my wish for this to be the last MC of the year will not stand, and I’ll have to travel further to seek treatment.

Balancing high medical cost, quality of treatment and convenience, falling sick is a science in Singapore. That’s why there’s a saying here that it’s better to be dead than sick!

For now, I’ll ultilise this license to rest for 1 day instead of 2 as I’m expected at a work meeting tomorrow. What is that saying again? 🙂


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