Day 044 : Sun Moon Lake

Sunsets are always the most poetic time of the day for me. Unlike sunrises where a day has yet to unveil its potential, at sunset, I can look back at the day and reminisce how I’ve lived the minutes.

Because life passes so quickly. I want to milk every moment, every encounter. Perhaps that’s why I blog. To record my brief footprints on this vast and wondrous journey of life.

Today, I arrived at Sun Moon Lake. A very topographically picturesque destination in Taiwan but I received the news that one of my favourite Taiwanese singers, Feng Fei Fei (鳳飛飛) has passed away at age 60.

Yesterday, I heard news of Whitney Houston’s death. She’s only 48.

As I was shooting the sunset at Sun Moon Lake this evening, I can’t help feeling a tinge of remorse. The day leaves behind something so beautiful before darkness takes over. Doesn’t matter if the day had been warm and sunny or frosty and stormy. Rich or poor, famous or not, everything shall pass.

The sun and the moon will continue their ageless cycle. Not even the mountains and lakes can remain unchanged. Doesn’t matter if we are not eternal.

But our deeds flow on. Just like the big voices and talents of these 2 incredible women.


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