Day 047 : A Poetic Send-Off

It was time to bid adieu to Taipei and as we passed through a corridor leading to the departure hall of Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1, a poetic mural added the finishing touches to a fascinating week here.

One of my friends who’s also in Taiwan for the first time commented that it is a failed imitation of Japan. I’ve never been to Japan so I don’t know if the Taiwanese are trying to copy the Japanese or merely them building upon the remnants of a 50-year occupation by the Japs (1895 – 1945). Perhaps the similarity is a matter of cultural residue rather than an attempt to emulate.

Then again, many places have shadows of each other since pursuits in urbanisation has created a homogenous, global village. What sets a place apart is its natural endowment and inherited culture. In that aspect, every place has its own character despite an observable mirror effect.

And to me, the place with the most character and personality, is of course one’s home! I missed my parents and 2 dogs so, so much!

 I’m four-and-a-half hours to my favouritest destination in this world… HOME.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Annie Bananie
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 03:09:47

    I just finished reading your whole Taiwan adventure – great pictures and recounts! Did you go on this trip by yourself? I often travel by myself and your quote about realizing that photography has made you a loner was amusing. For me it’s more like being a loner made me fall in love with photography, haha! Keep up the awesome bloggin’ 😉


    • Darren Ng
      Feb 17, 2012 @ 22:54:56

      Thanks for reading 🙂 I went with 5 other friends but I was mostly on my own as I chase after shots while my friends move ahead. Whether we are a loner that’s why we fall in love with photography or the interest in getting a nice shot isolates us, at the end of the day, photography gets us talking to ourselves. And I think ourselves can be the best company! lol


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