Day 058 : IKEA Tampines

IKEA's chicken wings are as famous as their affordable prices and innovative furnishing solutions. The juicy, cripsy, delicious wings are porbably the best in the world!

Tack. That means “thank you” in Swedish. And I would like to say a mega thank you to IKEA Singapore for picking me as one of its ‘Effluencers’.

When I was approached, my elation was mixed with a torrent of embarrassment. The Swedish furnishing giant clearly needs no publicity and I’m not an influential blogger at all. If anything, IKEA has influenced the way I style my home and live all along more than I could ever return the favour of being picked. As an IKEA Effluencer, I receive a generous amount of store credit per month for the next 2 years. SWEET! 🙂

Shopping amongst comfort with the IKEA gift card.

I am stating this upfront so that when you see me posting about IKEA, you know of my relationship with them. I’d like to keep sponsorships transparent as some of you may be skeptical about the objectivity of opinions expressed under such arrangements. I am not here to influence.

So I leave it to you to form your own thoughts about my upcoming IKEA experiences knowing the benefit I receive.

S$39 is for the beddings, not the boy! He will surely grow up to be a successful businessman coz he sure knows a good deal when he sees one!

But not that it matters anyway. Because it’s IKEA we are talking about after all. It’s already a household name. Many homes probably have something from them. When I shifted about 10 years ago, I bought much of my house’s furnishings and decorations at IKEA Alexandra.

From the standing lamp in my room and other lights around the house, to my bed linens, coffee table, cockery, house plants, faux flowers, photo frames, mirrors, former couch, cushions and shoe cabinet, I’m already an IKEA fan even without sponsorship.

Cool retro honeycomb mirrors! They created such an interesting shape for snaps.

So what will change with the monthly grant? Nothing. Just that I’ll visit the stores more often and keep up with what’s new and what’s in. Which is perfect for me because one of my favourite past-times is decorating my house!

Rest assure this won’t turn into an online IKEA catalogue. Neither will it be a solicitation to shop there but as part of sharing my daily happenings and quips, and if there’s something interesting that catches my eyes during a visit to the stores.

More shopping time at IKEA coming up!

Alrighty, after all the lengthy disclaimers and justifications, I hope the images captured on my brief visit to IKEA Tampines to collect my Effluencer gift card has shown a candid side of the place.

By the way, this is not sales talk, but I think the gift card is a great housewarming gift instead of cracking one’s head about what to get. The card acts like a store value cashcard that can be used for purchases and F&B.

IKEA is IDEA spelt with a ‘K’. Watch this space for upcoming decorating projects! 🙂


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