Day 065 : The Lorax Movie

I grew up with 老夫子 and 小叮当 so I had no idea what’s a Lorax. I thought it’s the misspelling of a certain luxury watch bought at Patpong, or the Singlish touch to that watch’s brand.

Then I realised it’s actually Puss-in-Boots after hormone therapy.

If you are clueless like me, Lorax is a sort of furry Captain Planet dreamt up by Dr Suess. This equivalent of Garfield on steroids is a mythical creature that is the voice of the trees.

But I think Lorax represents the voice of conscience that speaks within us because throughout the movie, except for the ability to pinch its ass to fly, the orange furball seem powerless to stop the destruction of nature except to impart guilt. And some wise words. Here’s the movie trailer about what the story premise is in a nutshell…

Basically, the story revolves around a 12yo teen (Ted) trying to impress a girl (Audrey) by planting a tree because they live in a plastic world devoid of any real plants and the missy would pimp herself to see one.

So boy sets out in a quest to find the last seed to grow a tree and meets the Once-Ler, the unintentional villain that killed nature and holder of the last seed.

Well, I shan’t go into the details of the story as the synopsis can be easily Googled. What I didn’t understand was why doesn’t the Once-Ler plant the last seed himself and make good what he destroyed?

And the mention of Donkey Kong? I can identify but do kids of today know what that is?

But those are just minor distractions from this largely entertaining animated movie filled with so many lovable animal characters (luurrrvvve the singing, dancing fish), it made a planeteer out of me. And I’m not the only who’s been Lorax-ed all thanks to for the movie premiere invitation.

This is one feel-good movie great for awakening environmental consciousness in kids and fun for adults to indulge in the whimsical creations of Dr Suess! Click here to visit The Lorax movie website. If you’d like to have the digital file of the moustache for use in this year’s Halloween, let me know and I can email it to you 🙂


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