Day 066 : i Light Marina Bay Sneak Peek

i Light Marina Bay 2012 doesn’t happen till this Friday (9 Mar) but I was eager-eyed to get a peek. So armed with the Panasonic Lumix GF3, I made a trip down to the bay after work in the hope of catching the artists in action as they set up their pieces and finding out their inspirations in person.

Unfortunately, most of them were busy assembling their exhibits and I didn’t want to be a bother. Furthermore, some of the artists and I have a chicken-and-duck thing going… we don’t speak the same language. i Light 2012 features light-art from prolific regional light artists as well as those from Australia, China, France, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, and USA. Such a feast for the eyes!

And here’s a sneak behind-the-scenes peek at some of the installations that will turn Marina Bay into a lighted playground for all!

Putting the light festival together requires the efforts of many.

This installation is titled Storybox. It explores the role of light in inspiring and shaping our urban landscape.

Titled Receptacle, this installation reminds me of a relaxing beachfront spa pavilion.

Her name is Oar and she's the assistant of Thai lighting maestro, Be Takerng Pattanopas. Titled Gap the Mind, these lighted cocoon lanterns allow you to step inside and experience a meditative state with music and lights.

The installation brings a sense of Zen to Marina Bay, a great lunchtime respite for busy executives in the Central Business District area.

Something massive is coming out of the water... its a giant 5QU1D! Yup, it's spelt 5QU1D to represent the Singaporean artist's interpretation of nature's fusion with urbanisation. The light sculpture is aptly placed in front of commemorative Olympic rings... an allusion to calamari rings perhaps? LOL.

The monster has yet to come alive. I'm curious how 5QU1D will look when it's completed.

BioShell. This piece looked like an inflatable HASMAT capsule or a floatation sphere ready to go into the bay waters!

Hands off the exhibits for now until the official launch this Friday. By then, these lighted installations will welcome everyone to interact with them.

This is one of the hottest light artists in Taiwan, Uno Lai. His piece, The Light Dam, has both an aspirational and functional approach to light as a self-sustaining energy source.

Uno shared with me his thoughts about setting up The Light Dam which I will post once I get a photo of his finished work.

Fancy / Lightweight is the name of this exhibit that brings to life those computer screensaver line graphics. I strummed the strings and shot with a slower shutter speed to get this 'laser' effect. I think the organisers will frown that I'm sharing my 'abuse' of art to create art. Heh heh. Try it. It's fun!

Acrylic popsicles of Crystallised. From this work on, I've arrived at The Float. The installations are lined all around Marina Bay so it's a journey of discovery along the waterfront alcove.

Love the alien-geometric form of Parmenides 1. It requires precision projection on the rubix-like sculpture which involves a lot of tweaking and adjustments to the projectors. While I was there, the artist was engrossed in perfecting the mapping of videos on the pointy sphere.

Forming and dissolving, the sculpture takes on different skins and looks with mesmerising effect!

An assembly of candy-striped lampshades... something sweet is coming your way. Sweet Home that is. The lighting project aims to turn ugly spaces into pretty places.

Titled Key Frames, this installation features a collection of lighted figures in various poses. So fun to see what I usually draw on paper to represent human, the stick figures, in 3D!

This is Olivier fixing the power to light up the stick figures. I tried to explain I'm an official blogger for iLight and if he could stretch out his hand for me to pose for a pic but he just looked at me blankly. I hope he had dinner for working so tirelessly though.

Even though I just popped by to have a quick browse, I ended up spending 3 hours at i Light and I didn’t see everything. So if you’re planning to visit, plan for repeats in order to see all the works. And if you’re into photography, the best times to come would be during week nights as human traffic is less congested. But then, perhaps the bay will be busy once all the pieces are up.

I hope this behind-the-scene look will excite and open up a personal level for you when enjoying the works. This is just the beginning… 🙂


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